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It all began as a lunchtime discussion debating how well Speed 2 was going to perform that summer of '97 at the box-office. While some dismissed it as pointless without Keanu Reeves, another thought the "Jason Patric factor," as he called it, would carry the film even further as he was a star who was just about to take off.

Take off we did as instead of just bickering about which movies were going to do better than other ones, we put our money where our insanity was and came up with our projected Top Five highest grossing films of the summer. Spreading our virus around like Patrick Dempsey in Outbreak, we got others in our office as well as friends and family into the mix and the first Summer Movie Pool was born.

Running every summer and holiday season since, we've got 30 pools of movie experience and we're ready to share that with you. Gather your peeps, collect your picks, and follow along here as we travel through the course of every movie season. You'll feel the highs of another Transformers film crossing the $300 million even if you have no idea why, the lows of realizing you didn't even have The Hangover on your list, and the hollow, lonely place you'll be when you thought Charlotte's Web would be the #1 film of the 2006 Holiday Pool and it only makes $11.5 million in its first weekend. (Uh, not that that ever happened to me… Gulp.)

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