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The Gross Movie Pool: 2006

Miami Vice Only Sorta Nice - Week 13

The good news for Miami Vice: it was number one for the week. The bad news for Miami Vice: it opened with $5 million less than last year's Dukes of Hazzard movie and cost three times as much. Of course, how could respected actors like Jamie Foxx and Collin Farrell be expected to compete with the likes of that Jackass guy and Jessica Simpson.

Pirates Sailing High Seas; M. Night Drowing In Water - Week 12

Seven years ago The Sixth Sense not only launched the career of "the next Spielberg", director M. Night Shyamalan, but of the whole "spooky" genre/horror flick rebirth we've seen this decade. When Disney broke ties with M. Night after not believing in his latest project, Lady in the Water, that may have been a sign (and that sign wasn't "Swing away"). Enter Warner Bros. who's only sign is, "Oh, you want us to lose money on it, great!"

No Curse For Davy Jones Locker - Week 11

Ten days after the launch of the hottest film of the year, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is still tossing all other films into the brig. Its second weekend of $66 million is more than the first 3-day weekend for any other film this season except for X-Men and Da Vinci.

Legendary Booty For Pirates - Week 10

Ya know, say what you will about the sometimes questionable moral gauges of hip-hop music and pirates, but without them we'd never legitimately get to use the word booty and that would be a sad loss for the English language.

Superman's Super, Not Spidey - Week 9

Superman returned with a loud huzzah to Planet Earth, just not as loud as other superheroes. That's the problem with being Superman. If you're frickin' Superman, you pretty much have to beat all the other "man/men" movies or you're not quite as super as you say you are.

Click Clicks For Sandler - Week 8

Most people don't like to admit it, but Adam Sandler could be the most consistent star in Hollywood. In the past ten years only one of Sandler's comedies didn't deliver, Little Nicky. You could almost cough that one up to the "heat check" attempt in basketball where you just chuck a ridiculous shot to see if even that will go in. It didn't, so he returned to Laker's coach Phil Jackson's philosophy of playing within himself. He'll do the side dramatic role here or there for fun, yet when it comes to "funny" Sandler, just turn the camera on, flash the grin, and watch the turnstiles turn.

Four Films Enter, Four Films Fall Out - Week 7

Every now and then there's that one summer weekend where a bunch of new films come out because none of the studios thinks the other studios have a big hit on their hands. What they don't often realize is that the other studios are thinking the same thing about that studio's film and that's why they're all releasing their films.
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