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The Gross Movie Pool: 2006

Cars Hits Fourth Gear, Not Overdrive - Week 6

In case you missed the Happy Meals, the cross-promotional tie-ins, and about 18,003 hours of total commercial time purchased, Disney and Pixar unveiled their latest model of Cars to the thunderous applause of $60.1 million. What would have sent the company home with the Best In Show award would've been a total of $70 million like previous versions of Finding Nemo and The Incredibles reached.

Ex-Women Break-Up X-Men - Week 5

A year ago a little film called Wedding Crashers shocked the Movie Pool. A little film about chauvinist men, women's breasts, and a romantic comedy-esque plot became the talk of the summer. OK, so actually most summer blockbusters feature those first two items, but that "romantic comedy for guys" thing was kinda new.

X-Men Storm To The Top - Week 4

When the first X-Men film opened six years ago, the studio had such little faith in the project that they wouldn't cough up the bucks to create the special effects necessary for the character Storm to fly on-screen, making her about a super as Aquaman bumming a ride out of Wonder Woman in her invisible jet... As X-Men 3 opens, the first thing you see is Storm flying across the screen. My, how times have changed.

Mona Lisa Smiles On Da Vinci Code - Week 3

Apparently the protests, the critical bashing, and the fact that I thought there's no way this movie could be a hit without a theme song by A-Ha, couldn't stop the first legitimate blockbuster of season. The Da Vinci Code made a new bestseller list this weekend with nearly a historic $77.1 million opening. On it's first day alone, the Code made more than last week's new films Poseidon and Just My Luck did over their entire opening weekend with $28 million.

May Day Indeed For Poseidon - Week 2

In 1995 Disney's marketing campaign featured the words "Dredd June 30" for their upcoming film Judge Dredd (aka Demolition Man 2). It's hard to believe there was a time when comic books adaptations weren't "the thing," yet as the film opened to a mere $10 million in it's opening weekend (or about 1/10 of it's $90 million production cost), the tag-line became a running joke as Disney did indeed live to dread the day the film opened miserably.

Mission: Impossible -- To Make The Top Five - Week 1

Don't read that headline wrong. It's not a declaration of success for the third film in the only Tom Cruise film franchise. It's a statement that this film making the Top Five this summer will be the toughest assignment Ethan Hunt has ever accepted.

2006 Summer Movie Pool Preview

In case if you don't know what's coming out for the 2006 Summer Season, check below for a detailed list of this year's crop!
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