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The Gross Movie Pool: 2007

Beowulf Doesn't Stand Out From The Pack - Week 3

The good news is that Beowulf showed there's an audience for adult geared animation. The bad news, that audience didn't quiet justify the $150 million dollars it cost to make the film.

Fred Has No Claws; Bee Buzzes By - Week 2

Four years ago Elf brought tears of joy to studio heads' eyes with an out-of-nowhere opening of $31.1 million on its way to a $173.4 million total. Four years later Fred Claus brought tears of sorrow with a mere $18.5 million opening and a promise of being lucky to make it to $50 mill, yet alone $100 mill.

American Ganster Stings Bee Movie - Week 1

As much as everyone was complaining to me about who wants to see any of the films coming out this season, apparently everyone not in the pool actually does. The top two films combined for over $70 million out of the gate! If you add the gross of Martian Child into that mix, the total grows dramatically to a whopping $70 million and 13 cents.

2007 Holiday Movie Pool Preview

In case if you don't know what's coming out for the 2007 Holiday Movie Pool Season, check below for a detailed list of this year's crop!

2007 Summer Movie Pool Final Report

I am shocked... shocked, that is, that this is actually the final wrap-up of the 2007 Summer Movie Pool. I haven't been this shocked since my six year-old son asked if we could rent High School Musical 2 last week. He might as well have asked to rent Showgirls and I wouldn't have been any more thrown.

Still Crowded During Rush Hour - Week 15

While it was $18 million less than Rush Hour 2 opened with in 2001 (yes, that also means it's been six years since Chris Tucker co-starred with Michael Jackson in the You Rock My World video), Rush Hour 3 was still Chantastic opening with $49.1 million.

The Bourne Supremecy Is Demonstrated With An Ultimatum - Week 14

Matt Damon has said this will be the last Jason Bourne movie. Either that's just code for "show him the money" after a spyriffic $69.3 million opening or the next film will be called David Webb, Bourne's real name.
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