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The Gross Movie Pool: 2009

G-Force More Powerful Than H-Force - Week 13

Gizmos, Gadgets and Gerbils were more powerful than Harry expected as the 3D fad from last year has become a legitimate immersion after this summer. Even with the G-Force title confusing every Battle of the Planets fan from the 70's (a show that featured a team of teenage action heroes under the name of G-Force which protected Earth from planet Spectra - and good thing they did for, as far as I know, we've never been attacked by planet Spectra since), this new name-stealing film did everything Disney could have wanted from it: earn big bucks ($31.7 million), serve as a way to promote it's next four big 3D offerings (The Toy Story 1 & 2 screenings in October, A Christmas Carol in December, Alice in Wonderland in March, and next summer's Toy Story 3), create a new relatively cheap to produce franchise (hiring voice actors always cheaper than hiring on-screen actors), and take away 3D screens from Fox's Ice Age (there's no coincidence that it dropped 52% this week). It was a win all the way around!

Nothing Harry About The Half-Blood Prince - Week 12

So much for those internet boycotts.

Bruno Brews Bucks But Lacks Borat's Punch - Week 11

After Borat surprised the movie going world with a $126 million gross, many thought there's no way Sacha Baron Cohen could do it again. Even though Sacha should get an A for Effort (or is that an "E"), it looks like they were right. Bruno had a solid $30.6 million opening which was $4 million more than Borat opened with… BUT, Borat did that on almost 2000 less screens. When you add that many more showings and only gross $4 million more, well, that's why they have so many profanities that are basically synonyms for the word "oops."

Age Ices Transformers But Not Enough For The Win - Week 10

Two movies tried to step into the shadows of the second biggest movie launch of all-time. One was gunned down before the full 2 hour and 23 minute run time could even finish. The other went toe-to-toe before finally saying "Next time we're charge a $5 surcharge for the 3D glasses and then we'll get 'em for sure!"

Transformers Transforms Summer Pool Into A Race For Second Place - Week 9

Well, a second-verse-same-as-the-first mentality for Transformers 2 didn't seem to hurt it at all when it came to appeasing hotly anticipated audiences. The sequel scored a Cybertroniffic $200.1 million in just five days. It was the second biggest opening in history behind last year's The Dark Knight which made $203.8 million over the same time span and that film only had seven respected actors in it. Transformers had, um, the guy from the Disney Channel show Even Stevens. Ok, so, yeah, that match-up's a wash.

The Proposal Proposes And Movie-Goers Say "I Do" - Week 8

One week after rejecting Hollywood Hall-of-Famers in The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, audiences accepted the return of a former America's Sweetheart as she herself returned to a romantic comedy role for the first time in seven years. Absence certainly made the heart grow fonder as fans flocked to make The Proposal Sandra Bullock's biggest debut ever with $33.6 million.

Hangover Hangs On While Pelhom Gets Taken - Week 7

That gasp you heard coming from Hollywood were agents continuing to come to terms with the fact that the old "star" system is almost dead these days in movie-goers eyes. When given a choice between two of the most iconic actors in the last 30 years or the "who's dat?" cast from The Hangover, they went with dat. After Julie Roberts and Russell Crowe already had lackluster results with their films this year, the studios are realizing there's a changing of the guard but they have no idea who's getting the baton. Instead of it being a new crop, it's a random hit movie here and a random hit movie there, not something you can build a "career" or groom someone from.
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