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The Gross Movie Pool: 2009

The Hangover Is Well Hung While Land Is Lost - Week 6

A funny thing happened on the way to Warner Bros. counter-programming the supposedly family-friendly, big-budget, action-adventure film Land of the Lost with their raunchy, discount-budgeted, adult comedy The Hangover. The second tier film actually won… and won big!

3D Lifts Up Where It Belongs - Week 5

Usually most stories about senior citizens filling their house full of balloons in order to fly to undiscovered lands don't get greenlit and made into major motion pictures. For Pixar it's just business as usual and it turned out to be a "good" usual.

Night At The Museum Terminates Salvation With "Firepower" - Week 4

The first real "battle" between two big budget films this season took place over Memorial Day weekend and the one featuring General Custer won.

Angels & Demons No Da Vinci, But No Dogs Playing Poker Either - Week 3

While a "Tom Hanks" movie hasn't felt like a must-see event in the last several years, his films have still inevitably been very profitable (with The Ladykillers being the main exception). Of course, profitable and Top 5 Blockbuster Pool-Worthy are two different things.

Star Trek Beams Up The Box-Office - Week 2

There was something noticeably absent from the showing of Star Trek I was at on Thursday night: there was no one wearing pointy ears, no one speaking Klingon, no one dressed as Romulans, and no one with phasers strapped to their belts set for stun. Was I seeing a Star Trek movie or the latest Renee Zellweger movie? I mean, she looks a little alien and all, but still.

Wolverine Claws Its Way To The Top - Week 1

Internet leaks, bad buzz, and a Patrick Stewart cameo where he looks like a grown-up, anorexic Charlie Brown couldn't stop Canada's greatest super hero (well, next to Duddly Do-Right) from cutting down the competition. Opening with a spectacular $85.1 million (which would probably be $100 million in Canadian), Wolverine got the Holida Movie Pool started off right.

2009 Summer Movie Pool Preview

In case if you don't know what's coming out for this 2009 Summer Season, check below for a detailed list of this year's crop!
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