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The Gross Movie Pool: 2010

Four Strikes And Your Out At The Box-Office This Weekend - Week 5

A year ago the summer season had already produced six $100 million grossing films (Wolverine, Star Trek, Angels & Demons, Night at the Museum 2, Terminator: Salvation, and Up) with a 7th in the wings as The Hangover just debuted with $44 million on its way to $277 million and becoming the biggest R-rated Comedy of all-time. This year... not so much.

Sex Doesn't Sell And Prince Is Overthrown In An Unmemorial Day Weekend - Week 4

The battle for which new film would trump the other wasn't even a battle… They both failed to show-up! Creating the weakest Memorial Day Weekend at the box-office since 2001 where we thought Pearl Harbor was going to legitimatize Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett as stars for the rest of the decade, let's just say these results sunk more than one pooler's fleet.

Shrek Shouts Fore After Going Off Course - Week 3

A funny thing happened on the way to being a sure thing. Three years ago Dreamworks announced there would only be one more Shrek movie because they didn't want to wear out their hit franchise. Too late. It looks like they already did.

Robin Hood Misses The Target - Week 2

"Re-tellings" are always a tricky thing. You need to keep a few of the iconic elements or your built-in audience will be dissatisfied. When my wife saw the "new" Mary Poppins musical on Broadway a few years ago, she was dismayed. "It's like they removed everything you liked about the movie and put in new things." Well, that about sums up a Robin Hood movie that doesn't feature an archery tournament scene, a Robin/Little John duel, any of the merry men actually being merry, or a Bryan Adams song. I mean, com'on, now, it's not like he was busy and I'm sure he still cuts like a knife (na na nah na na nah na nah).

Iron Man 2 Has Iron Clad Opening - Week 1

Many were surprised by the $98.6 million opening of Iron Man in 2008 (a lesser known super hero, an actor who hadn't been the main star of a hit movie ever (seriously, look it up… You're telling me Chaplin, Pick-Up Artist, or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang were hits?), and a director who last made Zathura), but no one was surprised by Iron Man 2 rocketing to the fifth highest 3-day gross of all-time with $128 million.

2010 Summer Movie Pool Preview

In case if you don't know what's coming out for this 2010 Summer Season, check below for a detailed list of this year's crop!
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