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The Gross Movie Pool: 2011

Puss In Boots More Like Puss In Clogs - Week 1

Having scoured through the previous Holiday Movie Pools recently, I've realized I should've been the one paying people to play rather than asking them to jump in. To think, just three years ago people had to choose between Yes Man and Seven Pounds. That's about as pleasant as having to choose between a colonoscopy and an Acoustic Evening with Ke$ha.

2011 Holiday Movie Pool Preview

The 2011 Holiday Movie Pool is a lot like Kelly Clarkson: we don't know a thing about them. What we do know is that this year's crop can't be worse than last year's "Are You Kidding Me?!" low point. Only one film topped $200 million and most wouldn't even be recognized in a criminal line-up. "The Tourist, Faster, Morning Glory, Burlesque, How Do You Know, and Voyage of the Dawn Treader? Never heard of 'em."

2011 Summer Movie Pool Final Report

Remember when the 2011 Summer Movie Season started with two wedding comedies that weren't Bridesmaids? Yeah, me neither. Something sure jumped that borrowed broom.

Apes Need No Help To Stay Rising - Week 15

Great Caesar's Ghost, the apes did it again by claiming the #1 spot at the box-office a second straight week. Maybe they were inspired by the 45th Anniversary of The Monkees or maybe it's the 4.5 million-th Anniversary of Lucy (that carbon dating thing always makes it difficult to celebrating these things), but folks were ready for some more simian action and not even James Franco's

Apes Rise Far Over The Change-Up - Week 14

Apparently being a stiff and life-less host at a major awards show is just the type of thing you need to do in order to be taken seriously at the box-office. For all the glowing reviews Hugh Jackman received after hosting the Oscars, we all saw how well Australia did in the theaters.

Both Cowboys & Aliens Got Smurfed - Week 13

Ya know, as I was walking by the poster to Cowboys & Aliens last week I caught the “From the Director of Iron Man” tag line at the top. It was a double whammy of “Um, why didn’t you say Iron Man 2 since he also directed that mess of liquid metal” and “Really, that’s all you’ve got?” I mean “From the Producers,” “From the Studio,” and “From the Caterers” are all such generic tag lines that no one ever falls for. When you’ve coughed up $163 million budget for a film, you better have something better than a “From the Director” tagline.

Captain America Says, "Forget Stopping Nazis, I'm Beating Down Harry Potter!" - Week 12

While Captain America's $65 million take might seem a little light in the tights compared to the Holy Crusader Trinity of Batman, Spider-Man, and Iron Man, it's actually a great take for the summer of 2011. It's right on line with Thor's start, which was waves better than X-Men: First Class and Green Lantern, and if it ends up with a similar $180 million total, Marvel will be very, very happy. When they put all their heroes together in the same pot next summer, they're thinking they could double the output to $360 million and that would help carry any sequels to these films to much higher heights.
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