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The Gross Movie Pool: 2011

Harry Potter Conjures Most Magical Weekend Ever - Week 11

While Vanessa Williams once tried to ridiculously argue that sometimes the snow comes down in June and sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon, just as ridiculous would be if you thought interest in Hogwarts had passed, because Harry Potter went and saved the best for last.

Horrible Bosses Good; Zookeeper Caught - Week 10

In a season where several films have fizzled, it's actually been a renaissance for the R-rated adult comedy. With Bridesmaids, Bad Teacher, and obviously The Hangover 2, these modestly budgeted films have churned out a greater return percentage than any of the super-CGIed mega-pictures and now we can add one more movie to this list.

Transformers Transforms Box-office - Week 9

You just can't keep a good Autobot down… or a bad one, so it seems.

Cars 2 On Cruise Control- Week 8

You know what I thought while watching Cars 2? This reminds me of Predator 2.

Green Lantern Hits Yellow Light - Week 7

Opening weekend wasn't the brightest day or the darkest night for the Green Lantern. It was more like a partial sunlight day and half-moon night. Is that like an episode of Wings with a side of Suddenly Susan?

Lots Of Vancancies At Super 8 - Week 6

I'm not saying there were more rooms available at Super 8 than at the Bates Motel, but in comparison to "regular" blockbuster openings, all you can say is that they only earned a 2-Diamond AAA rating.

X-Men Misses X-Pectations - Week 5

It looks like there's one mutant Marvel has yet to create: the one that can stop a lackluster opening weekend.
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