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The Gross Movie Pool: 2011

Will The Muppets Take Thanksgiving? - Week 5 Preview

Thanksgiving weekend has typically been one of those long weekends for the kids at the box-office. I don't know if it's because dads are trying to drop them off somewhere so they can watch football, moms are trying to drop them off somewhere so they can scour Black Friday sales, or so I can keep writing stereotypes about the sexes. Then again, maybe it's the guilt the parents have about the games and shopping that leads them to feel they "owe" the family a jumbo popcorn and 88 ounces of sugary soda. Nothing says we love and value our time with you like a package of Raisinettes.

Breaking Dawn Steps On Happy Feet - Week 4

In the box-office showdown between vampires and penguins, fittingly it was the penguins that were left in the cold. Amazingly, if only they'd included the deleted scene from Breaking Dawn of Edward and Bella singing a mash-up of The Piña Colada Song and Kokomo from their reception, Happy Feet Two wouldn't have even had a foot to stand on.

Can Breaking Dawn Break Records? - Week 4 Preview

Finally, the Holiday Movie Season can officially start! We've got two sequels to two hugely popular films being released on the same weekend. One basically became the precursor for Glee and the other is basically the precursor of Glum.

Immortals Lives Longer Than Jack & Jill - Week 3

The last time Adam Sandler released a PG-Rated movie during the Holiday Movie season was with Bedtime Stories in 2008. Many thought it could've been that year's Night at the Museum, but instead it came in second that weekend to the shocking success story that was Marley & Me. In its defense, Bedtime Stories still performed better than Valkyrie which featured Tom Cruise as the first Nazi in cinematic history without a German accent, so that's saying something. Then again, Tom probably made the right call there, since the only thing people remember about Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is that Kevin Costner could lose and find his English accent about 13 times per scene.

Will Jack & Jill Fetch a Pail of Cash? - Week 3 Preview

After last week's unremarkable comedic pairing of Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy in Tower Heist, Adam Sandler gives it a try in Jack & Jill with… himself. At the very least, I hope each Adam got paid the same or that could become a nasty conversation over the Thanksgiving table. The last thing you want is to upset Sandler at this time or he might not share his turkey with you in a big brown shoe.

Puss Digs In The Claws To Tear Down The Tower Heist - Week 2

The stage was perfectly set for Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy to climb the box-office mountain with Tower Heist. It was like Meet The 48 Hours or Coming to Zoolander or Trading Dodgeballs. Each had been hitting the talk shows, rumors of this being the "old" Eddie Murphy kept making the rounds, and Puss in Boots had landed softly on its feet the week before. What better atmosphere to sweep in and steal the Holiday Pool spotlight! As they mentioned in the movie Babe, "Beware the bad cat," and no cat was badder this weekend than Antonio Banderas. The Revenge of Kitty Galore, indeed!

Can Tower Heist The Box-Office? - Week 2 Preview

Whatever you do, don't take your kids to see Tower Heist this weekend! Why? Is it the language, the violence, or sexual situations? No, it's just because their heads are going to explode when they keep hearing the familiar voices of famous cartoon characters and wonder why those voices are coming from all these middle aged men!
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