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The Gross Movie Pool: 2012

Skyfall Soars To Die Another Day - Week 2

It was Double-Oh Heaven this weekend for James Bond. Striking like a Thunderball, Skyfall scared The Living Daylights out of the competition by opening with a $87.8 million debut ($90.6 million if you include the extra Thursday IMAX-only day). That View to a Kill was the highest debut ever for Her Majesty's Secret Service. Making over $20 million more than Quantum of Solcace, it just went to show The World is Not Enough for this franchise. Perhaps Diamonds aren't the only thing that's Forever.

Will The Skyfall For James Bond? - Week 2 Preview

The hype surrounding the 50 Years of James Bond Movies has been running non-stop since September and maybe that's the way it should be. No other movie series has even come close to lasting as long and has had such consistent and clear direction. It's literally been a family business since the beginning, not a random conglomeration of people floating in and out with every flick. Even if Hollywood is still rolling out Friday The 13th movies in 2030, there's nothing to those films except to continue selling a brand... and yikes, that's going to be the skankiest smelling hockey mask ever.

Wreck-It Ralph Wrecks Flight's Take-Off - Week 1

Pac Man Fever gripped the nation and even Blinky was on the run as the fictional retro-game Wreck-It Ralph dominated the arcades like it was Dragon's Lair on steroids! People were putting extra monitors on top of the Wreck-It Ralph units just so more people could gather around and see. They didn't care if it was Asteroids with the hyperspace or the shields, they only knew they had to watch... and watch they did!

2012 Holiday Movie Pool Preview

Just like death and taxes, the only other inevitable thing in life is the Holiday Movie Pool. Heading into our 16th year, we're still younger than Justin Bieber, but we've definitely had to start shaving. Luckily, Hollywood started shaving as well as there seems to be a lot less "we must make mega-bucks" movies this season. Of course, that only makes it harder for poolers, as being faced with having to choose between the over-achieving film that will make $100 million and the big-budget failure that "only" makes $100 million is more harrowing than Sophie's Choice.

2012 Summer Movie Pool - Final Report

What do you get when you have a season that starts with the biggest superhero movie of all-time and ends with worst family film of all-time? You get the 2012 Summer Movie Pool!!!

Expendables Extends Its Expending - Weeks 15 & 16

Two year ago Sylvester Stallone had a crazy dream: to gather past, present, and long forgotten action stars into one big movie buffet. To that extent, the plan worked perfectly as The Expendables went on to make over $100 million and be Sly's biggest hit since Rocky IV (and yes, we're intentionally not counting Spy Kids 3D: Game Over). On the other side, the film proved there may have been a reason teenagers don't rent direct-to-video movies with Dolph Lundgren any more as his genius seems better suited to singing performances on variety shows in Sweden, such as this one.

The Dark Knight Treads Water; Total Recall A Fuzzy Memory - Week 14

Much like Inception and The Dark Knight before it, Christopher Nolan movies have been known to hang on at the top of the box-office while other late-summer offerings waste away in their own weak sauce. After averting eyes from The Watch last weekend (and for that we can all be thankful), Batman has now Batwinged Total Recall to retain the #1 spot in theaters for a third straight week. Bruce Wayne may need a new device from Lucius Fox if they hope to hold-off the new "not" Jason Bourne movie next week, but for now to the victor goes the great TV reception in a subterranean prison in the remote Middle East.
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