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The Gross Movie Pool: 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Sets A Course For 2009 - Week 3

Star Trek has come a long way. There was a time being a Trekkie was only a small step cooler than being a Whovian (a fan of Dr. Who). Star Wars was mainstream and acceptable. Star Trek meant hearing people drone on about Prime Directives, warp drives, logic, and if you'd stayed with it long enough (i.e. The Next Generation), you had holodecks with Gilbert & Sullivan tunes. Talk about abandon ship!

The Really Really Good Gatsby Not Great Enough to Rust Iron Man 3 - Week 2

Three times since 2006, Warner Bros. has tried to take a bite out of the second weekend of the summer season. Poseidon was upside-down in a lot more ways than just the boat after sinking in Mission Impossible 3's wake. Speed Racer wasn't fast enough to slow down Iron Man in 2008 and ended-up stalled in the pit. Dark Shadows was beat down worse than Loki trying to follow in the shadow of The Avengers. With this second weekend also occurring over Mother's Day, it was like Warner Bros. kept offering Hooters and hot wings instead of champagne brunches and See's Candies.

Iron Man Strikes 3 and Not Out - Week 1

The number three has never been good for comic book movies. To be fair, it hasn't been good for any number of movie franchises, and perhaps for similar reasons. The concept has been introduced and played out twice before. Is there really anything new and interesting to merit a third go-around? It's like, I get it, Debbie's Doing Dallas, but wouldn't the fall leaves in Vermont be a nice backdrop sometime?

2013 Summer Movie Pool Preview

Dust off that Speedo and get ready for that season where the only time you need an umbrella is when it's in a drink.

2012 Holiday Movie Pool - Final Report

After three months, a presidential election, Taylor Swift whirl-wind romances, Kim Kardashian pregnancies, blizzards on the East Coast and almost 54 degree days in Southern California, we've finally come to the end of the 2012 Holiday Movie Pool. How we made it through without a single Bryan Adams or Peter Cetera soundtrack song probably speaks to the fact that I've been doing these pools for way too long than to it actually being an oddity if someone had dusted off one of those guys for their movie.

Zero Dark Zero's In On The Holiday Leftovers - Week 11

Sometimes it's like Hollywood knows what it's doing. Often it feels like a "limited release" is just a trick, i.e. "We know this film is going to tank, so let's burn-out small and save the money from ever having to open wide." That, or it's the "We have no idea how to market this film, so if we release it small and gather a ton of great reviews, they can market our film for us." When it does work, it's usually under the "Advanced Screening Week" timeline, where it's released in New York and L.A. to get the critics' engine humming by the time it opens wide seven days later. That was Lincoln's M.O. earlier this season. Rarely, however, does the wide-opening of a limited release succeed to the tune of $24 million four weeks after a film's been out. Well played, Zero Dark Thirty. Well played.

The Hobbit Has One Ring To Rule The Holidays - Week 8, 9, 10, etc.

What can I say? When pressed between playing with my kids Christmas gifts or writing recaps during the holidays, I hope you can all understand which is going to win. So, let's roll through the last eight films released, catch-up with some old favorites, and see where we stand with just two weeks to go. Some of you might want to get something to numb the pain first.
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