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The Gross Movie Pool: 2013

2013 Holiday Movie Pool Preview

If it's already time for Trick or Treating, than the 17th Annual Holiday Movie Pool must be just around the corner! Hollywood's prepared plenty of both this season. Now it's just a matter of figuring out which is which.

2013 Summer Movie Pool - Final Report

Four months doesn't seem like much in the history of time, but when we started this pool the most shocking thing Miley Cyrus had ever done was not wear her seatbelt in the Hannah Montana movie. Now we've got Prince Harry playing the role of Scar in The Lion King, Kris Jenner getting divorced for ratings, and my son asking what Taylor Swift is doing on a country radio station. To paraphrase what Ferris Beuller once said: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while... you're probably better off.

The Butler Sweeps Out The Newcomers - Week 17

Why go out with a bang when you can go out with a whimper? Three new films entered the multiplexes this week and not a one made more than $10 million. That's crazy! Something like that's never happened since... since... oh yeah, this very weekend a year ago when Premium Rush (Yes, the "action" movie on a bicycle) was the best of three newbies with a $6 million opening. I'm pretty sure all of Hollywood realized if a movie about a Manhattan bike messenger can't pack the people in, what chance do they have?

The Butler Serves August Leftovers - Week 15 & Week 16

Man, I miss another week of updates, take a look at the box-office numbers, find there's eight more movies to talk about, and yet there's still nothing to say! For pool purposes, these flicks are like Nicole Kidman forgetting to wear sunscreen. They're burned before they even get to the car. If Hollywood's not even trying, I'm not sure why I should be... So, let's just try to capture the magic of the past two weeks that'll be as memorable as the 14 day period in 2006 that gave us Let's Go To Jail, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, and Van Wilder 2.

2 Guns Fires Blanks; Smurfs 2: Blue Harder - Week 14

There seems to be a Dark Knight sized hole in the box-office these days and it needed more than The Greatest Canadian Hero to fill it. (And wouldn't you know it... The guy from the best country for health care is a guy who can't be hurt!)

The Conjuring Scares Big Budget Movies; The Wolverine Is Long In The Tooth - Weeks 12 & 13

The Conjuring conjured all the same fans who flocked to The Purge last month and then added another $7 million for good measure, while the taglines of "This is the Wolverine movie fans have been waiting for" didn't help as it hinted fans had been wasting their money on the previous four efforts.

Grown Ups 2 And Pacific Rim Less Than Despicable - Week 11

Giant robots and gross-out joke weren't enough to hold a nation of minions back. While the two new features would've made a great debut if they'd been one movie named Pacific Ups or Grown Rim, neither was adequate at ending Gru's nefarious plot to take over the all the box-office dollars in the world!
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