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The Gross Movie Pool: 2019

2018 Holiday Movie Pool - Final Report

The Oscars Nominations have come out, the Golden Globe Winners have been announced, and, most importantly, the Razzie nominations have been lit up for all to see. It’s nice to see the things that matter can still get accomplished despite politicians shutting down everyone’s federally paid salaries except their own.

In honor of this time of year and Melissa McCarthy joining a very select group of people to voted for a Razzie and Oscar in the very same year, it’s time for the 2018 Holiday Movie Pool Final Report!!!

It’s The Holiday Season and Aquaman Whoop-di-dooed Mary Poppins Return - Weeks 5-7

Ten new movies flooded the December’s landscape over the last couple weekends. People responded by saying “yes” to $25 for a movie ticket/soda combo and “no” to one-day shipping prices from Amazon. When these many films are released only some can float and others are doomed to sink. It only makes sense that the biggest hit was the one that could breathe underwater.
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