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The Gross Movie Pool: Fall 2006

2006 Holiday Movie Pool Final Report

It was the season that will mostly be forgotten. Let me just name off a few films here and I challenge you to even remember that they actually got released in the last few months.

The Night At The Museum Cashes In All Day Long - Week 8 and On...

There usually is one film at the end of the season that makes bank. Sometimes surprisingly, like a Cheaper By The Dozen, sometimes not so surprisingly like a Castaway. Put me on the surprised side as Night at the Museum seemingly did everything right marketing and promotion-wise to close out the Holiday Season with a bang.

He's Not The DJ, He's The Star - Week 7

There are actors, celebrities and stars. It's possible to have hit movies with actors and celebrities, but stars always bring home the bacon. This week was another example of how Will Smith is a star with the opening of The Pursuit of Happyness.

Mel's Mini-Win Over Mini-Movies - Week 6

Mel Gibson's Apocolypto did as well as anyone could've expected with its subtitles and decapitations with $15 million in it's opening weekend. What might be even more surprising is how the other new movies didn't do any better.

Déjà Vu All Over The Top Three Again - Week 5

For the second straight week we have the same top three films and it's the same two films at the top for three straight weeks. Is there anyone else even trying to make a hit movie this year?

Déjà Vu Occurs As Top Films From Week 3 Repeat In Week 4 - Week 4

Fresh from turkey induced comas, film-goers seemed to forget that four new films opened and instead all went to go see Happy Feet and Casino Royal again.

Bond Loses To Someone Else In A Tuxedo - Week 3

In a match-up of costly Holiday Movie films there is some good news for a change… they both made bank. For only the second time in box-office history two films opened with over $40 million.
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