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The Gross Movie Pool: Fall 2008

2008 Holiday Movie Pool Final Report

Man, is the Holiday season about to expand until President's Day weekend? Typically January is the dumping ground for movies that weren't good enough for the Nov-Dec season, but the other week Bride Wars and The Unborn outdid the opening weekends for Yes Man and Seven Pounds. To top it off, Paul Blart: Mall Cop just outdid all but three films during the Holiday Pool with a $39.2 million opening… Paul Blart!... Mall Cop!... Why do I suddenly feel old enough to be the target demographic for Turner Classic Movies?!

Marley Keeps His Stride And Puts The Others On A Lease - Week 9

Marley & Me proved to be no one week fluke as it crossed $100 million in just 11 days, something it took Vince Vaughn's Four Christmases four weeks to do. Yes, this could be the season where Jennifer Aniston's film trumps not only her ex-husband's Benjamin Buttons but also her ex-boyfriend's film as well.

Marley Pounces On Christmas Competition - Week 8

Of all the films that were coming out over the Christmas weekend, Marley & Me seemed to be the one with the least going for it. Bedtime Stories had the Night at the Museum mojo. Benjamin Button had the Brad factor. Valkyrie had the Cruise control. The Spirit had internet/comic book buzz. Marley had Owen Wilson (who's last two leading roles were Drillbit Taylor and You, Me, and Dupree) and Jennifer Anniston (who outside of The Break-Up two years ago stunk it up in Friends With Money, Rumor Has It, and Derailed). The studio so believed in this pair that they didn't even feature them on the movie posters, going instead with the dog. For all those who rail about studios not knowing what they're doing, they did this one absolutely right.

Yes And Seven Get Pounded - Week 7

So much for the battle of two Hollywood giants. The Will Smith/Jim Carrey showdown turned into a battle of the two "other" people in Destiny's Child. In other words, no one cared.

The Day The Earth Went Huh - Week 6

20th Century Fox had an uncontested weekend to open its big movie for the holiday season and The Day The Earth Stood Still delivered less than galactic numbers. Apparently, watching the world get destroyed wasn't on most moviegoers' holiday shopping lists. I don't know why because it goes great with a glass of spiked eggnog.

When Hollywood Offers Scraps, Filmgoers Prefer Leftovers - Week 5

Ya know, there used to be two "dead" weekends in each Blockbuster season. It was always the weekend right after Memorial Day and the weekend after Thanksgiving Weekend. These were the dates that studios would release films like the Danny Glover/Joe Pesci classic Goin' Fishin' or the Jeff Daniels/Michael Richards hullabaloo Trial & Error. Studios would make the excuse that the big holiday weekend films were so hot that it was a losing battle to try and compete with them just 7 days removed. The reality is that when you offer crap, people tend to stay away. Neither Finding Nemo or Sex and the City had a problem opening the weekend after Memorial Day.

Moviegoers Enjoy Four Christmases Over Thanksgiving - Week 4

When Americans were given the choice of watching three crappy football games (when there used to only be two in the good ole days), they did what any other citizen of the world would do. They re-watched Rosie Live! on their Tivos. But after that, then they went to the movies.
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