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The Gross Movie Pool: Fall 2009

2009 Holiday Movie Pool Final Report

Two and a half months after the adventure began, we finally know our Top Five Movies of the season!

Avatar Avatacks The World - Weeks 7, 8, 9, 10

Um, did I forget to do something for the past four weeks? It's not like there have been any movies that have come out in the past month that have re-written the record books and have a chance to become the biggest blockbuster in history or anything like that. Oh wait… oops.

The Princess And The Frog Croaks - Week 6

Well, if opening weekend results are any indication, the return to traditional animation musicals was up there with the return of Bananarama a couple years ago. Not a huge demand.

The Blind Moon Sides New Movies Away - Week 5

For the third weekend in a row America had the same top two movies in the land, even if those two movies switched places.

The Blind Side Blindsides Thanksgiving Weekend - Week 4

In 2001 Nicole Kidman came out of nowhere to have two hit movies in the same year with Moulin Rouge and The Others. In 2009 Sandra Bullock is pulling of the same feat.

New Moon Newbliterates Box-Office - Week 3

Um, so, maybe I was a little off in thinking New Moon would do about the same as Twilight. That turned out to be like saying Beyonce would sell as many solo records as fellow Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland. In a nutshell, New Moon made as much in one day as Twilight made in its entire opening weekend.

2012 Parties Like Its 1999 - Week 2

Well, it took an extra week, but we finally had a film that looked like a blockbuster, smelled like a blockbuster (true, that's not always a good smell), and actually performed like a blockbuster.
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