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The Gross Movie Pool: Fall 2014

'Exodus' Exits Stage Left - Week 6

Much has been joked about releasing a movie about the origins of Passover at Christmas time. Certainly the blood, sweat, and tears and then some more blood of The Passion of the Christ would not have connected the same way with audiences if it was released in the winter time when people enjoy their Ricky Bobby "Baby Jesus" imagery. Still, The Ten Commandments was released in November in 1956 and that certainly didn't stop it from becoming one of the most successful films of all-time. Besides, who's more of a modern-day Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner then Christian Bale and Joel, eh, What's-His-Name? Oh boy, this can't go well.

'Mockingjay' Devours Thanksgiving Turkey and Leftovers Too - Weeks 4 & 5

Thanksgiving has always been a special holiday in America. A time to give thanks for the many blessings we have. A time to remember those First World Problems are just that. A time when Broadway sends all their latest musicals against the Macy's Day Parade wall only to see none of them stick. Most importantly, we get to forget all these altruistic feelings once Black Friday sales start as early as Thursday Night. It's a good thing too, as, truth be told, being thoughtful for a whole day is asking a lot.

'Mockingjay' Flies But Doesn't 'Catch Fire' - Week 3

The smart money in this Holiday Movie Pool has always been betting on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 as the sure thing #1 film of the season. Both of the first two films started with over $150 million weekends and each grossed over $400 million total. This series is a machine. Nothing can stop it. You could replace Jennifer Lawrence with Martin Lawrence and have Peeta played by Joey Lawrence and folks would still line-up. At least, that's what people thought... until the film actually came out.

'Dumb To' Too Dumb To Finish Two - Week 2

America just couldn't help itself. Whether it's a car crash, Kathee Lee and Hoda, Kim Kardashian nudes, or Black Friday sales, we just have to take a look, follow that link, or find ourselves at 4 A.M. outside a Walmart (because nothing ever can go wrong at 4 A.M. outside a Walmart). We never want to be the only one that doesn't know something about everything.

'Big Hero' Bigger Than Interstellar - Week 1

Forgetting the forgettable 2013 opening crop of Ender's Game, Free Birds, and Last Vegas, two actual Hollywood heavyweights took to the multiplexes to take their first stab at the 2014 Holiday Movie Pool crown. Disney armed themselves with an adorable Stay Puff Marshmallow Man and Paramount/Warner Bros. combined to defend themselves with Matthew McConaughey (It's like neither believed in him enough to stand on their own). When faced with comic book cute and McConaughey as "smartest guy in the room," America knew which way to turn.

2014 Holiday Movie Pool Preview

The pumpkins have been smashed, the trick-or-treaters have retreated, and fog machines have run dry, so it's really time for the 18th Annual Holiday Movie Pool! We've never had just one week to get our picks in, so don't delay and determine Hollywood's final opuses (or is that opusi?) from their three-penny operas.

2013 Holiday Movie Pool - Final Report

We've reached the time when call our actual Top Five of the 2013 Holiday Movie Pool! We've had kid flicks, action movies, dramas, indy films, comedies, alleged comedies, and comedies only the Golden Globes call comedies. Some did great, some did well, and some you wouldn't even touch in the $5 Walmart bargain bin. Let's take a look back at what came out this season and sort out where each film fell. Like Bruce Springsteen once sang, "It's a town full of losers and five pulled it out to win," or something like that.
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