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The Gross Movie Pool: Fall 2015

'Mockingjay' Mocks Turkey Day And Wins November - Weeks 2-5

So, apparently, November happened. Let's take a trip in our DeLorean, crank it up to 88 MPH, and see what transpired in that not so distant past.

'Spectre' Bonds With 'Peanuts' At The Box-Office - Week 1

I always hate when I'm the last one to notice a trend, but for the forth Daniel Craig Bond film in a row, 007 has battled an animated family film on his opening weekend. I recall clearly the Bond Begins film Casino Royal losing the weekend and ultimately the total gross in 2006 to Happy Feet. I forgot that Quantum of Solace opened against Madagascar 2 and though Quantum won the weekend, the movie that celebrated how love between a giraffe and hippo is a natural and wonderful thing won the war. In 2012 Skyfall so blew the roof off with the biggest Bond opening ever, somehow I missed that one of my favorite animated films in the past few years opened that same weekend: Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph couldn't wreck James' 50th Birthday Party, but it sure made a statement making almost $200 million. How would Spectre do battle with its animated counterpart this time around?

2015 Holiday Movie Pool Preview

The Halloweenies have been roasted, Party City has turned back into being a morgue, and we've got another 11 months before we ever have to hear Thriller again, so it's really time for the 19th Annual Holiday Movie Pool!

2014 Holiday Movie Pool - Final Report

The snow is melting, the frost has bitten, and the ice is all that's left at the bottom of your soda cup. That chill in your heart must be the end of the 2014 Holiday Movie Pool!
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