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The Gross Movie Pool: Fall 2018

Ralph Breaks Beasts & Creed - Weeks 3, 4, & Beyond

The weirdest part of the whole Holiday pool is the mini-break that always happens after the Thanksgiving movies. What’s often a two-week span of November leftovers became a three-week span this year due to the early Thanksgiving and the lack of any studios having any faith in their films to open during the Holidaze shopping period. You don’t think if Black Panther or Star Wars came out on November 30 people wouldn’t go see it?! If people can find a way to get porn without Starbucks, I’m pretty sure they can find a way to get to the theaters for something they actually want to see.

‘The Grinch’s’ Grin is All Green - Week 2

Many questions were aroused when Universal green-lit another variation of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Wasn’t it too soon since the live-action Jim Carrey version? Can you trust the diminishing returns of the Despicable Me team to pull this off? And based on the initial trailer, is this supposed to be funny? Somehow people forgot, it’s called How The Grinch Stole Christmas and it prints its own money, people! Dr. Seuss’ cautionary tale about the commercialization of Christmas makes bank and it always has… Cue the Alanis Morissette song.

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Rocks ‘Nutcracker’ - Week 1

After the biggest October on record at the box-office, the 2018 Holiday Movie Pool kicked off November with a party of its own. There was music from the 20th century, music from the 19th century, and dollar signs from the 21st century which was music to the ears of movie-execs everywhere.

2018 Holiday Movie Pool - Preview

The Party City costumes have been picked over, the lawn sprinkler restrictions are back on, and, just like last year, after tonight’s Dodgers game I’m looking for some eggnog to spike, so it's time for the 22th Annual Holiday Movie Pool!

2017 Holiday Movie Pool - Final Report

What will the Holiday Season of 2017 be remembered for? The time fans revolted against a Star Wars as if everything was “fine” with Episodes I through III? The time every DC Superhero finally came together and no one really cared? The time Pixar acted like Coco was its biggest movie ever when all it did was beat Cars 2 and 3 (OK, and The Good Dinosaur, but we’ve all agreed that movie never happened… It’s like when Garth Brooks turned into Chris Gaines).
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