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The Gross Movie Pool: Fall 2019

It’s The Holiday Season and Aquaman Whoop-di-dooed Mary Poppins Return - Weeks 5-7

Ten new movies flooded the December’s landscape over the last couple weekends. People responded by saying “yes” to $25 for a movie ticket/soda combo and “no” to one-day shipping prices from Amazon. When these many films are released only some can float and others are doomed to sink. It only makes sense that the biggest hit was the one that could breathe underwater.
The Gross Weekend Chart
for Jan-18-2019
MovieWknd GrossTotal Gross
4Inside Out$11,544,080$306,247,046
5Jurassic World$11,454,975$611,228,810
The Gross Daily Chart
for Jan-20-2019
MovieDaily GrossTotal Gross

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