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The Gross Movie Pool: Summer 2005

War Conquers World - Week 9

Alas, my fears of War of the Worlds not living up to it's 4th of July pedigree were unwarranted. Spielberg and Cruise combined to do what they couldn't with Minority Report and just about ray-gunned every ticket buying dollar it could. Over six days the invasion totaled $112.7 million. Sure, that's no Spider-Man 2's record setting $180.1 mill over six-days over last year's fourth, but it's well ahead of the six-day cume of Six Days, Seven Nights (the most travel agency-challenged title of all-time).

Bewitched Burned At Stake; Herbie Loaded But Shooting Blanks - Week 8

It's been awhile since Girl Power swept the world in the late 90's, where even Nelson Mandela was quoted as saying meeting the Spice Girls was one of the greatest moments of his life. Hopefully a touch below getting released from prison after 27 years and becoming the president of South Africa, but ya never really know.

Batman Begins Like The Other Batman Films - Week 7

The Bat returned to the belfry triumphantly this weekend and, as usual, who was actually under the mask didn't mean a thing to the ticket buyers. Batman Begins began with a nifty $48.7 three-day weekend. However since its Wednesday opening, it's already crusaded $72.9 million.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Score With The Money Dance - Week 6

Well, six months of tabloid coverage really paid-off for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Maybe movie-goers were really hoping to watch one of the stars actually kill the other one, yet that just lead to a whopping $50.3 million opening weekend for Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Cinderella A Girly Man - Week 5

Historical dramas have often fared well in the summertime. Let's call that, late summertime.

The III Is Big Enough To Hold Off The Two - Week 4

Episode III continued its reign at the top of the box-office dropping an almost expected 49% after such a galactic opening. The film has already tractor-beamed $270.5 million and should well surpass Episode II's $312 million total.

Revenge Of The Geeks Powers Episode III - Week 3

If Christians thought they could send a message to Hollywood by powering The Passion of The Christ to $300 million and liberals thought they could shake up the mainstream media with Fahrenheit 9/11 last year, what's the message sent by giving Episode III a record-breaking $158.4 million over four days.
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