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The Gross Movie Pool: Summer 2006

2006 Summer Movie Pool Final Report

What a weird/wacky summer it was. In theory the box-office numbers were up this summer from the last, yet I think most people's attitude about the season is down.

Snakes Flakes As A Blockbuster - Week 16

Snakes Flakes As A Blockbuster - Week 16

Almost a year of hype, a boat-load of free publicity, the word-of-mouth flick that people didn't want to stop talking about, and a popular actor that people love to see "do his thang" couldn't make Snakes On A Plane any bigger than any other B-Grade movie launched in the summer.

Constricting a mere $15.2 million, it's almost hard to see how much worse this film would've done if it hadn't had any of the hype of all. It probably would've at least made $9 million on ridiculousness alone with all the man-guy bets of "Come on, dude, let's go check out that Samuel L. snake flick."

Heck, Anaconda opened with almost $17 million nine years ago. Even Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid (which should've been titled The Hunt For A Really Lame Name) debuted with $12 million last year.

For better or for worse, it just confirms studio moguls beliefs that what a few whacko on the internet think doesn't amount to jack-squat at the box-office. I just wished I'd realized that those internet people were nuts before I wasted those 10 dollars on The Blair Witch Project.

The Top Five If Week 5 Was Labor Day:
#1. Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - $401.2 million
#2. Cars - $239.6 million
#3. X-Men 3 - $234.1 million
#4. Da Vinci Code - $217.5 million
#5. Superman Returns - $194.2 million

This Week
With all the heavy hitters out of the way and no August sleepers waking anything up, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas for one particular pooler.

Nights Takes A Second Victory Lap - Week 15

The Ballad continued for Ricky Bobby as Talladega Nights slipped 53% and still made $22.1 million. With $90.3 in 10 days, Will Farrell won't have to be staying at any roadside motels anytime soon. However, it doesn't look like this film has the gas to park in the Top Five either.

Ricky Bobby Drives To The Top - Week 14

Will Farrell returned to the heights of other comedic superstars as his Talladega Nights ruled the hot August days.

Miami Vice Only Sorta Nice - Week 13

The good news for Miami Vice: it was number one for the week. The bad news for Miami Vice: it opened with $5 million less than last year's Dukes of Hazzard movie and cost three times as much. Of course, how could respected actors like Jamie Foxx and Collin Farrell be expected to compete with the likes of that Jackass guy and Jessica Simpson.

Pirates Sailing High Seas; M. Night Drowing In Water - Week 12

Seven years ago The Sixth Sense not only launched the career of "the next Spielberg", director M. Night Shyamalan, but of the whole "spooky" genre/horror flick rebirth we've seen this decade. When Disney broke ties with M. Night after not believing in his latest project, Lady in the Water, that may have been a sign (and that sign wasn't "Swing away"). Enter Warner Bros. who's only sign is, "Oh, you want us to lose money on it, great!"

No Curse For Davy Jones Locker - Week 11

Ten days after the launch of the hottest film of the year, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is still tossing all other films into the brig. Its second weekend of $66 million is more than the first 3-day weekend for any other film this season except for X-Men and Da Vinci.
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