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The Gross Movie Pool: Summer 2007

2007 Summer Movie Pool Final Report

I am shocked... shocked, that is, that this is actually the final wrap-up of the 2007 Summer Movie Pool. I haven't been this shocked since my six year-old son asked if we could rent High School Musical 2 last week. He might as well have asked to rent Showgirls and I wouldn't have been any more thrown.

Still Crowded During Rush Hour - Week 15

While it was $18 million less than Rush Hour 2 opened with in 2001 (yes, that also means it's been six years since Chris Tucker co-starred with Michael Jackson in the You Rock My World video), Rush Hour 3 was still Chantastic opening with $49.1 million.

The Bourne Supremecy Is Demonstrated With An Ultimatum - Week 14

Matt Damon has said this will be the last Jason Bourne movie. Either that's just code for "show him the money" after a spyriffic $69.3 million opening or the next film will be called David Webb, Bourne's real name.

I Know Who Doh'd Me - Week 13

In a weird way, this weekend won't be remembered for the Lisa Sax-playing-esque greatness that was the $74 million opening for The Simpsons. Instead it will be the day the music died for Lindsey Lohan. She won't even be able to get cast in a Direct-to-DVD American Pie sequel after her I Know Who Killed Me movie died at the theaters with a $3.5 million tanktacular opening.

I Now Pronouce You So And So - Week 12

Adam Sandler returned to the top of the Box Office Chart for the, holy crap, 12th time with a $32.4 million opening for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Sort of like the "new" Rolling Stones albums that come out every few years that you know won't be any good (it has only been 27 years since their last memorable song, Start Me Up), yet they still sell a hefty total the week they come out.

Harry Potter And The Order Of Box-Office Dominance - Week 11

The magic of Harry Potter is as strong as even. Ten days before the final book arrives in bookstores, the fifth movie arrived in theaters to cast an amazing spell. Earning records for midnight showing revenue ($18 million) and first-day Wednesday numbers ($44.2 million), the Order of the Phoenix didn't fall short like the Phoenix Suns. The five-day total was also the highest in franchise history with $139.7 million.

Transformers Transforms Independence Day - Week 10

The closest film to Independence Day opening on 4th of July Weekend since Independence Day opened on 4th of July Weekend in 1995, Transformers certainly lived-up to its billing. Disguising $155.4 million over five days as box-office revenue, the Autobots were more like ATMs.
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