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The Gross Movie Pool: Summer 2008

2008 Summer Movie Pool Final Report

I can't tell which is harder to believe… that summer is over or that the summer season really began with Made of Honor. I'm betting 70% of the people in this pool don't even remember which film that was! Ok, it also may have co-started with Iron Man, but $300 million and chump change later, everyone remembers that film still.

Knight Is Still Dark For Mummy And Express - Weeks 14 & 15

Two weekends later and nothing changed at the top of the American Box-Office… The Dark Knight was still the #1 movie in the land. In four weeks it's totaled a Gotham-sized $441.6 million. That's about as shocking as when George Clooney pulled out the Bat-Credit Card in Batman & Robin. Ah, that's just a film that keeps on giving.

Step Brothers Steps Well; X-Files Is X-Pired - Week 13

Will Farrell avoided the perils fellow SNL alums Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy fell into this summer as his Step Brothers film debuted with $30.9 million. You'd think with that kind of money the step brothers wouldn't half to share the same room, yet the success here for Farrell certainly puts his agent and other studios at ease after wondering if the "magic" was over. This is why Myers and Murphy's agents are cooking up Austin Power 4 and Beverly Hills Cop 4 projects for their clients. When the magic is gone, find a way to resell DVD collections!

The Dark Knight Sheds Light - Week 12

Well, the days of DC Comics playing second fiddle to Marvel Comics movies are over. Like a thief in the night, The Dark Knight did what the Man of Steel Superman (or as he's referred to now, Just Pretty Good Man) couldn't do… Open huge and keep going. After just one weekend, Batman's not even thinking about topping this season's Iron Man. People are wondering if he can catch Spider-Man 1's $403 million total, the highest grossing comic-book movie of all-time.

Handy Hancock; Golden Hellboy; Theatergoers "Meat" Dave - Weeks 10 & 11

Hancock opened well but not as well as last year's Transformers. I bet if Will Smith had bothered to put out a theme song for this movie, that would've changed everything.

Wall-E & Wanted Combine For Wah Hoo - Week 9

Two films delivered a huge boost to the box-office and for the first time in history two films opened with more than $50 million. Apparently those same people on TV who talk about how drastically their lives have changed since gas prices have shot-up found the intestinal fortitude to walk to a movie theater and plop down $12 for a ticket. Why should Exxon get their cash when synthetic butter and Jujubes deserve their support so much more?

Smart Gets Guru No Love - Week 8

Well, after months of anticipation and nervousness, Steve Carell can finally freestyle: "Myers, tell me how my Smart tastes!"
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