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The Gross Movie Pool: Summer 2008

Hulk Smashes But Incredibly Happening Still Happens - Week 7

Six years ago The Hulk smashed to a $62.3 million opening which was one of the largest in its era. It then sank an amazing 70% in its second weekend and paved the wave for mega-drops that have happened since (where a film opens huge only to crumble in the second weekend). This was such a horrendous drop (based mostly on negative reviews and word of mouth, not to mention the fact that it looked like Nick Nolte literally didn't shower during the entire shoot), that many were skeptical about ever doing another Hulk film. The pros could say, "Look at that opening! People want a Hulk movie!" while the cons simply said, "Well, they didn't want that Hulk movie and you're not going to get those people back."

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Kung Fu Panda Messes With The Zohan - Week 6

DreamWorks Studios may have never figured out the live-action feature film department, but, after a rough start, Jeffery Katzenberg has sure delivered on his ability to compete and sometimes even best Disney's animated efforts. Kung Fu Panda waxed on and off to the tune of $60.2 million in its opening weekend. Quite the comeback for Jack Black whose last effort of Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny was so memorable it, uh… I'm sorry, what was I talking about again?

Sex Sells And The City Of The Crystal Skull Follows - Week 5

It should be noted that there are three things I know nothing about: women, women's clothing and accessories (seriously, Coach Bags at $350 a pop? You could buy a whole video game system for that which you'd use for years instead of 3 nights a year. That'd be like a baseball team paying a pitcher $20 million a year who can only play in every five games… oh wait, nevermind.), and the power of women's TV shows.

Indiana Jones And The Blockbuster Weekend - Week 4

Well, the buses from the retirement homes were really busy this weekend as more gray hair was present in theaters than an episode of the Golden Girls… and that was just onscreen.

Prince Assumes The Throne, But For How Long? - Week 3

Managers will always say, "There's doing your job and then there's doing your job well." Well, let's just say Prince Caspian did its job.

Iron Man Puts Sugar In Speed Racer's Gas Tank - Week 2

Well, we didn't have to wait long for the first bomb of the season. Talk about literally stalling at the gate, Speed Racer not only couldn't pass Iron Man in it's opening weekend, it couldn't even keep up with What Happens in Vegas.
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