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The Gross Movie Pool: Summer 2010

Robin Hood Misses The Target - Week 2

"Re-tellings" are always a tricky thing. You need to keep a few of the iconic elements or your built-in audience will be dissatisfied. When my wife saw the "new" Mary Poppins musical on Broadway a few years ago, she was dismayed. "It's like they removed everything you liked about the movie and put in new things." Well, that about sums up a Robin Hood movie that doesn't feature an archery tournament scene, a Robin/Little John duel, any of the merry men actually being merry, or a Bryan Adams song. I mean, com'on, now, it's not like he was busy and I'm sure he still cuts like a knife (na na nah na na nah na nah).

Iron Man 2 Has Iron Clad Opening - Week 1

Many were surprised by the $98.6 million opening of Iron Man in 2008 (a lesser known super hero, an actor who hadn't been the main star of a hit movie ever (seriously, look it up… You're telling me Chaplin, Pick-Up Artist, or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang were hits?), and a director who last made Zathura), but no one was surprised by Iron Man 2 rocketing to the fifth highest 3-day gross of all-time with $128 million.

2010 Summer Movie Pool Preview

In case if you don't know what's coming out for this 2010 Summer Season, check below for a detailed list of this year's crop!
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