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The Gross Movie Pool: Summer 2011

Transformers Transforms Box-office - Week 9

You just can't keep a good Autobot down… or a bad one, so it seems.

Cars 2 On Cruise Control- Week 8

You know what I thought while watching Cars 2? This reminds me of Predator 2.

Green Lantern Hits Yellow Light - Week 7

Opening weekend wasn't the brightest day or the darkest night for the Green Lantern. It was more like a partial sunlight day and half-moon night. Is that like an episode of Wings with a side of Suddenly Susan?

Lots Of Vancancies At Super 8 - Week 6

I'm not saying there were more rooms available at Super 8 than at the Bates Motel, but in comparison to "regular" blockbuster openings, all you can say is that they only earned a 2-Diamond AAA rating.

X-Men Misses X-Pectations - Week 5

It looks like there's one mutant Marvel has yet to create: the one that can stop a lackluster opening weekend.

No Cure For This Hangover; Panda Less Dragon Warrior More Gekko Warrior - Week 4

There's a secret rule only Hollywood studios and movie stat nerds (present and accounted for, sir) know: R-rated films can't make as much as lesser rated films. Sure, you can have successful projects with that "Restricted" label, but when only three of the Top 50 money-makers of all-time have been rated R, there's a reason producers are going to request a few more "gosh darns" when a film has a $200 million budget. Of course, when one of those three Top 50 films has a sequel, you can bet it has a shot at throwing all those notions out the window.

Pirates Plundering Shallower Tides - Week 3

In the eight years since the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the Curse of the Black Pearl might actually have been that no one's liked the sequels as much as they've liked the first movie. However, despite the critical and fan reactions, both #2 and #3 made more than the original film. This certainly led to Disney deciding to resurrect a franchise that seemingly ended At World's End, but were audiences ready to sail the seven seas again?
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