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The Gross Movie Pool: Summer 2012

2012 Summer Movie Pool - Final Report

What do you get when you have a season that starts with the biggest superhero movie of all-time and ends with worst family film of all-time? You get the 2012 Summer Movie Pool!!!

Expendables Extends Its Expending - Weeks 15 & 16

Two year ago Sylvester Stallone had a crazy dream: to gather past, present, and long forgotten action stars into one big movie buffet. To that extent, the plan worked perfectly as The Expendables went on to make over $100 million and be Sly's biggest hit since Rocky IV (and yes, we're intentionally not counting Spy Kids 3D: Game Over). On the other side, the film proved there may have been a reason teenagers don't rent direct-to-video movies with Dolph Lundgren any more as his genius seems better suited to singing performances on variety shows in Sweden, such as this one.

The Dark Knight Treads Water; Total Recall A Fuzzy Memory - Week 14

Much like Inception and The Dark Knight before it, Christopher Nolan movies have been known to hang on at the top of the box-office while other late-summer offerings waste away in their own weak sauce. After averting eyes from The Watch last weekend (and for that we can all be thankful), Batman has now Batwinged Total Recall to retain the #1 spot in theaters for a third straight week. Bruce Wayne may need a new device from Lucius Fox if they hope to hold-off the new "not" Jason Bourne movie next week, but for now to the victor goes the great TV reception in a subterranean prison in the remote Middle East.

Has The Dark Knight Rises Already Fallen? - Weeks 12 & 13

Many poolers believed this season was going to be a two horse race. Either you went with the returning favorite, The Dark Knight Rises, to trump or at least match the huge peek The Dark Knight achieved... or, you believed the culmination of five super-hero films would make the biggest super-hero movie of all-time in The Avengers. Sure, you could've gotten lost in the details like would Scarlett Johansson or Anne Hathaway look better in a skin-tight catsuit, had either Tom Hardy or Jeremy Renner meant enough to anyone to play such important roles as Bane and Hawkeye, or how either film could be successful without a Nickelback song being played over the ending credits. Regardless, the proof seems to be in the pudding, and it seems to be a little lumpy if you went with The World's Greatest Detective.

Ice Age Melts The Spider Out - Week 11

I always applaud studios who offer challenging questions to young filmgoers. In Ice Age: Continental Drift, the audience is on an intellectually breathtaking journey probing one of the greatest philosophical questions of all-time: Are the continents still drifting apart or have we reached the breaking point where now they're actually drifting closer together. While this seems a scientific question, it crosses into our social realm. Once people spread out from their tribes to make something different from themselves. Have we finally reached the point where we value what society can do together collectively? I am so proud for Sony putting this into their... Wait, I'm sorry, what? This is about animals so dumb they're extinct now and a prehistoric squirrel who hasn't been able to get an acorn in over four movies? Nevermind.

Spidey Swings And Hits A Triple With An Error - Week 10

Two years ago Sony subsequently canceled a Sam Raimi-helmed Spider-Man 4 while announcing a brand-new cast and director for a rebooted The Amazing Spider-Man. The studio pledged to take the character back to high-school, sign more age-appropriate actors, and made very clear to say it was "not" going to be an another origin story. Peter Parker would already be Spider-Man when the film began. If Sony wasn't going to read their own press release, why do they think we should?

Ted Is Plush; Mike Is Magic; Madea Protected - Week 9

Audiences have rejected three movies in the past two weekends: Tom Cruise in the 80s (to his credit, he has remained faithfully married... just to a different woman each decade), Adam Sandler acting like he was in the 80s, and Abraham Lincoln in the 1800s. Who could have guessed they would've gravitated to all three movies this weekend?
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