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The Gross Movie Pool: Summer 2014

2014 Summer Movie Pool - Final Report

Ah, Summer. The time of year when all it takes is some random Euro DJ to say the word "summer" in a song and suddenly it's a hit. There are so many precious moments wrapped-up into the season: sunscreen sweating into our eyes, paying $5 for a bottle of water (WATER!) at an extraordinarily crowded and over-priced theme park, walking all the way back to your car after a day at the beach and feeling every grain of sand grind between your skin and your swimsuit, BBQ parties where you arrive at five and the food's still not ready at nine, TV shows that all consist of bachelors, alcohol, and "talent" in no particular order, and parents counting down the days when their kids go back to school.

'Expendables' Expends Too Much Cast To Beat 'Cops'- Week 16

The first Expendables movie cost $80 million to make and grossed about $100 million. The second cost $100 million and made about $80 million. They're not listing how much the third Expendables cost to make but given how its opening weekend was about half of the Expendables 2 debut, after an already insane 17 names on the Expendables 3 movie poster, let's just say there are a lot of expendable cast mates that aren't going to make it back for the 4th... Or maybe they just jettison the AARP members and go with all the no-name guys under 30 who'd probably just do the movie for a protein shake and a subscription to Maxim.

Guardians Guard The Galaxy From Turtle Power - Weeks 14 & 15

As we were coming into the home stretch of the 2014 Summer Movie Pool, contenders were dropping or un-impressing left and right. Hercules was mortal, Sex Tape got chewed-up in the VCR, Planes: Fire & Rescue was burned and left for dead, and Get On Up never got off the ground. Was there going to be any, ANY, film that actually exceeded expectations and make the Top Five this year? Most of the current crew felt like the Mounds and Almond Joys found at the bottom of every Trick-or-Treat bag. No one wants those things but they eventually eat them anyway. Finally, America got Hooked on a Feeling enough to reward one of the few original films of the season.

Hercules Left To Scream: "Luuu-cy!!!" - Week 13

Not since Lucy Lawless stole Kevin Sorbo's thunder has a Lucy so thoroughly dismissed a Hercules. In hindsight, it made perfect since. Lawless basically played the 90's version of Wonder Women as Xena: Warrior Princess and Kevin Sorbo's Hercules played the 90's version of BJ and the Bear. Similar to Wonder Women having the super cute Debra Winger as Wonder Girl, Xena had someone who looked like Helen Hunt's younger sister as her sidekick. Hercules' little buddy was, basically, The Bear. This was a TKO from the get-go.

Apes See, Apes Do... Again - Week 12

Three new films made collectively over $60 million dollars this weekend, yet none of them stood out enough to unseat the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. You had horror fans ready for more purging, you had parents who clearly fell asleep during the first Planes taking their kids to the sequel, and sex tape fans, uh, most likely staying home to either watch someone else's or make their own. With the humans being this divided, it's no question why the Apes are eventually going to win this thing. All they want to do is destroy Samsonite luggage.

Like Dawn, Apes Get The Grease Out - Week 11

With the term "super hero movie" ubiquitous for just movie these days and all the other special effects blockbusters that often just bluster, why does it take a film about talking simians for Hollywood to take things seriously? Maybe the more shocking question is who knew audiences would actually care about dramatic pauses coming from CGI creations. Unless the pause is, of course, just so Godzilla can catch his breath before blowing electric blue fire. Those pauses are always well received.

'Transformers' Deforms, 'Tammy' Tucked, and No Earth for 'Echo' - Week 10

In a summer where a white Australian girl rules the hip-hop universe, it only makes sense that these summer movies have been "less than meets the eye." 4th of July weekend used to be major box-office muscle. This summer it meant, "Can we hear that song where scientists merged Gwen Stefani with Ke$ha one... more... time..." Theaters remained sparse as newer films attracted small crowds and last week's favorite turned out to be a Go-Bot. After last year's Lone Ranger fiasco, Hollywood better figure out this weekend in 2015 or this sacred weekend of movie money-making will only be a thing of American folklore: like the Pony Express, Betsy Ross, and bands that don't sound like Maroon 5.
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