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The Gross Movie Pool: Summer

‘Civil War’ Proves a House Divided Can Still Stand - Week 1

Summertime is always one of those magic periods. Full of hazy memories as a child when each day lasted forever, family vacations where you never remember how much you drove your parents crazy, and wandering into air-conditioned theaters to watch whatever was playing to beat-the-heat. Even if now summer seems to fly by, you torture your kids by parking a half-mile away from the beach to save $10 in parking, and you can never fully escaping having the TV stop on America’s Got Talent at some point, it’s not so bad. Besides, when every summer box-office season seems to start with a comic movie, what can go wrong… Unless that movie is the Fantastic Four.

2016 Summer Movie Pool Preview

The chocolate bunnies have melted, the St. Patrick’s Day hangovers have passed, and the trouble you got into because of mishandling Valentine’s Day has... well, that never really goes away. Regardless, it's time for the 20th Annual Holiday Movie Pool!

2015 Summer Movie Pool - Final Report

It's reminder with every start of the football season, the end of the Summer Movie Season is upon us.

Fantastic Four Flames Out; Compton Makes Man Cry UNCLE - Weeks 15-16

Perhaps the most beloved thing about super hero movies in Hollywood is even when no one likes them, they still make a lot of money. There's no huge up swell of love for the Wolverine movies, the latest Spider-Man movies, either of the Hulk movies, or even the first two Fantastic Four movies. Still, all of those films opened decently and made back a huge chunk of their change even if they weren't Tony Stark Tech-like hits. To make a film so joyless and dull that people preferred the acting prowess and terrible blonde dye jobs of Jessica Alba, now that's fantastic!

Tom Cruises To Mission Success - Week 14

You'd have thought Tom Cruise was lost on Oceanic Flight 815 for ten years the way the media fawned over him in the past week. The guy who's made over 30 films in the past 30 years was gone somewhere? He was already celebrated last year in the backwards compliment film of the year, Edge of Tomorrow, with the classic "It's not as bad as I thought it would be." You remember, the movie they basically renamed Live, Die, Repeat as Edge of Tomorrow was such a generic title. In a sense, "It's not as bad as I thought it would be" might be what's carried Cruise for years. Perhaps after all this time people were ready for the not so subtle shift to "Hey, that's was actually good."

Ant-Man Shrinks Expectations; Trainwreck Stays On Track; Pixels Is 8-Bit Bust - Weeks 12 & 13

Things can change a lot over two weeks time. Nations can go to war, rain forests can burn, new people with no chance can run for president, Pitbull can release a song. But in our movie pool? Can things really change that quickly? You might think not, yet sure things aren't looking quite as sure and carrying a tune seems to mean a lot more than anyone thought it would.

Mini Minions Make Many Moolah - Week 11

If you can make a mountain out of a molehill, it only makes sense that you can make a blockbuster with sidekicks.
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