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How To Run A Movie Pool

While we're working to allow you to use this site for these exact purposes in the near future, here's how you can run your own Movie Pool for the time being.

Basic Movie Pool Rules

  1. Collect entries from all participants before the first movies of the season open.   

  2. In theory, you could collect donations from all participants. You know your group so come up with your own rate. Balance participation over profit. Lower entry rates help people on the fence to join.

    Are Movie Pools Illegal?
    You should know that movie pools where money is exchanged are illegal because it is considered gambling. That doesn't stop $2.5 billion changing hands during March Madness. This website is for entertainment purposes only and does not collect donations for particpation.

  3. Send them here for their weekly Movie Pool updates and information on upcoming films.

  4. If possible, send out a weekly leaderboard to your poolers to let them know where they stand after every week. People like to know how their doing even if they know it's not going to last.

Classic Movie Pool Entry Card

Below is an example of a classic Movie Pool entry form you can send out to your population. Poolers list out their projected Top Five films of the season, guesstimate how much the #1 film will gross by the end of the pool, and enter one alternative movie in case one of their Top Five films isn't released for some reason.

Holiday Movie Pool

Amount #1 film will gross by Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance:

Alternative film:

You are, of course, allowed to make up your own entry card for your pool if you so choose.

Classic Scoring Method

The classic method of scoring is as follows:

  1. A pooler receivies two points if they correctly selected a film in the right place. For example, if you had Avatar as your #1 for the 2009 Holiday Movie Pool, you'd receive two points for that selection.
  2. A pooler receives one point if they correctly selected a film. For example, if you had the movie on your list but in the wrong location, i.e. Avatar at #4, then you'd receive one point.
  3. Under this method the most points any pooler could total is 10.
  4. If a tie occurred between two or more poolers, that would be settled with a tie-breaker. Whoever has the closest guess (higher or lower) for the total domestic gross of the #1 film at the end of the pool is the winner.

You are, of course, allowed to make up your own scoring system for your pool if you so choose.

Download The Gross Movie Pool Spreadsheet

Use this template to help you get started:
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See a quick guide on how to use the Template

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