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2 Guns Fires Blanks; Smurfs 2: Blue Harder - Week 14

Iron Man 3
Despicable Me 2
Man of Steel
Monsters University
Fast & Furious 6
The Conjuring
The Wolverine
2 Guns
The Smurfs 2
There seems to be a Dark Knight sized hole in the box-office these days and it needed more than The Greatest Canadian Hero to fill it. (And wouldn't you know it... The guy from the best country for health care is a guy who can't be hurt!)

After The Wolverine failed to gather flocks to the theater, less and less people are coming out for other films too. Whereas one late July smash (the Dark Knight and Harry Potter films have done this for years) can keep people's butts moving to seeing something, anything, during the long summer season, a lot of "eh" flicks start the summer decline early. It's like the food at Hometown Buffet may be unlimited, but after one trip you're like, "Nah, I'm good... I don't really need any more."

2 Guns hoped to fire-up the adult action crowd yet it was only a mild palpation on the pacemaker with $27.4 million. To be fair, this is completely in the range of most Denzel Washington films which all seem to gross between $90 and $120 million (he's the most consistent box-office draw there is... in 13 years he's had 14 movies opened with more than $20 million!). Likewise, 2 Guns budget of $61 million will surely be covered making the film profitable. When it comes to summertime Big Boy (or Big Girl) blockbusters though, John Q's are like Déjà Whos and no Book of Eli or Safe House is going to make this Flight Unstoppable.

The first Smurfs movie amazingly made a smurftastic $142.6 million. Certainly more than I ever made selling Smurf wrapping paper as a school fundraiser in the 80's. That kind of success obviously means a sequel is necessary... unless you forgot the famous parent motto: "Fool me once, alright so I'm only out 60 bucks for a family of four; Try to fool me twice, and I'm buying the crappy first movie for $5 at Target and my kids are just as happy."

That seemed to be the message parents were sending as The Smurfs 2's opening weekend of $18.2 million was only half of the first film's opening. Even adding in the two other days since the Wednesday start, The Smurfs 2 five-day total is $8 million behind The Smurfs 3-day total and "behind" being the operative word to describe how this film is going to be compared to its originator: behind.

The Wolverine couldn't dig his claws in as he slipped 59% with a $21.7 million weekend. Sure, not the historic collapse of 69% X-Men Origins: Wolverine faced in 2010, yet not even an improvement from the 56% fall of X-Men: First Class in 2011. Maybe it's just time to admit that there aren't a lot of people who identify with the Wolverine character or glamorize being him in real life. Sure, the modern version of Batman can be morose, but being morose with a butler and being a billionaire playboy with gadgets ain't too shabby. I'm taking that over the morose guy who can smell everything long after anyone really wants to still be smelling it.

The Conjuring continues to be the biggest surprise of the season. Dropping a mere 38% with $13.7 million, it's $108.6 million total is $20 million more than The Lone Ranger's gross... and it only cost $195 million less to make! FYI, Lone Ranger "star" Armie Hammer mentioned last week he wasn't interested in being the new Batman. It reminded me when Colin Farrell said he didn't want to be cast as James Bond because that would lead to people only thinking of his as... as... I'm sorry, who were we talking about again?

Speaking of production budgets, why not use it to find something else to boast about for Despicable Me 2 and it's "knocked over" $326.4 million total. While DreamWorks animated flicks typically run $135 million to make (look how well that worked for Turbo's $69.3 million so far) and Pixar in the $150 million range, DM2 was half that at $76 million (and the first one was only $69 million). They're not only cleaning up at the box-office, they were making a profit by the third day the film was even out! Now that's despicable.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Iron Man 3 - $407.7 million
#2. Despicable Me 2 - $326.4 million
#3. Man of Steel - $287.7 million
#4. Monsters University - $258.6 million
#5. Fast & Furious 6 - $238 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 08/05/2013

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