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2006 Holiday Movie Pool Final Report

Night at the Museum
Happy Feet
Casino Royale
The Pursuit of Happyness
Charlotte's Web
The Holiday
Ah, caught up on school. Not working late tonight. No more Super Bowl party to plan. Finally a time to relax and polish off whatever's left in that keg sitting in the garage. What a relief… Oh crap, I still haven't done the Holiday Movie Pool Final Report… Looks like I'll be double fisting tonight.

That said, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's finally here: The 2006 Holiday Movie Pool Final Report!!!

It was the season that will mostly be forgotten. Let me just name off a few films here and I challenge you to even remember that they actually got released in the last few months.

- The Return was the return of what?

- The Pick of Destiny didn't even pick memorable.

- Let's Go To Jail didn't get out of jail even after three straight rolls without doubles.

- Touristas still sounds like something you'd order with a CrunchWrap Supreme.

- The Good German apparently was not the same film as Beerfest.

- Stranger Than Fiction was uh, what was that again?

- The Holiday was no day off.

- The Nativity Story was a little more fresh when it hadn't been told every year for the last 2006 years.

- A Good Year makes people reminisce about the glory days of Ridley Scott films, like Legend.

It was a year where sure things like Charlotte's Web didn't stick. It was a year where "buzz" films actually stung like Borat. In the end, you learned you really could count on "stars" and Ben Stiller and Will Smith are stars. You also learned you could count on franchises, and after 44 years, James Bond is the longest lasting franchise of all. Special effects only take you so far and Eragon knows all too well how far Jeremy Irons can take you these days.

Ultimately, in what was some of the closest positioning we've ever had, these were the top five films as of Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday observance.

Borat was the leader of the pool for half of the season and yet fell to 5th in the very last week. Still, few will forget how this little film made more than a little noise against much "bigger" films this holiday season.

The Pursuit of Happyness moved into 4th in the final weekend. The Will Smith drama pulled all the right heartstrings and best of all, produced not a single title song sung by Big Willie Style. Seriously, after he sang the Millennium was really the Willennium, it was clear some things were best left in the 20th century.

Casino Royale was the early favorite in the pool according to some prognosticators. It may not take the crown, yet any questions about whether there will be a 22nd 007 film have clearly been answered. Sadly the question if we're ever going to have a memorable (in a good way) Bond song remains unanswered. Seriously, if Duran Duran and Nancy Sinatra could do it, how hard could it be?

In number two… A film that didn't even know how this felt until the morning after MLK day. Happy Feet slipped off the dance floor at the last second. No tears will be cried by the people counting piles of money, yet only $1.5 million separated the top two films this year. The closest race I can recall.

In the final hours of the pool, Night At The Museum took the final dip. An amazing run in the final weeks of the pool to come all the way to the top. How weird that Robin Williams was in both of these two top films, and yet no one went to these films because he was there.

Next season I predict the penguins will be dancing during the day at the museum. Until then, this pool will be remembered for… not being remembered.

The Top Five because like a month ago was MLK Day…

#1. Night at the Museum - $190.5 million
#2. Happy Feet - $189.1 million
#3. Casino Royale - $162.8 million
#4. The Pursuit of Happyness - $138.1 million
#5. Borat - $127.1 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 12/31/2006

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