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2007 Summer Movie Pool Final Report

Spider-Man 3
Shrek the Third
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
I am shocked... shocked, that is, that this is actually the final wrap-up of the 2007 Summer Movie Pool. I haven't been this shocked since my six year-old son asked if we could rent High School Musical 2 last week. He might as well have asked to rent Showgirls and I wouldn't have been any more thrown.

As usual, there were some surprises and some not-so surprises. Two poolers picking Nancy Drew in their top five... Now that was a surprise. Two other poolers having all Top-Five films on their list and yet not a one was in the right slot... That was just tragic.

On the footnote of tragedy, the one sad soul started the year with zero points by being the only pooler who didn't put Spider-Man 3 on her list. She ended up in good company, however, as 18 other poolers ended up with the same four total points that she ended up with including, yours truly, Matt "In The Hat" Neuenburg. Sure, she sucked, but sucking loves company.

Let's forget the nobodies and go straight to the hits...

The Top Five Because Two Days Ago Was Labor Day...

#5 Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix - $286.8 million
It was the third highest grossing HP film and that included a weekend when fans were stuck at home reading the latest book instead of flooding the theaters. New Line Cinemas were hoping to have that same magic with The Last Mimzi, yet they couldn't even create the next Last Starfighter.

#4 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - $308.7 million
The final film made almost $115 million less than the sequel before it. That's about the same difference between the final grosses of Basic Instinct and Basic Instinct 2. I'm not trying to say "At Land's End" was the equivalent to "Risk Addiction." You couldn't have paid Sharon Stone enough to be a part of that train wreck.

#3 Transformers - $310.6 million
Going into the pool, most people would've never though anything could top the triple trifecta of Spidey, Shrek and Pirates. The 4th of July weekend and a state of lowered expectations powered the habitants of Cybertron past the theme park thrills of Jack Sparrow. This late surge changed the leaderboard for good in the last 10 days of the pool.

#2 Shrek The Third - $321 million
Wait, this film dropped $120 million from the previous installment and they decided that that was a good enough improvement that they've just greenlit two more Shrek movies! The best part of that? The gall Dreamworks had to say "We're going to stop at five to ensure the integrity of the franchise remains intact." Oh yes, if only Police Academy would've stopped at #5, we'd remember Guttenberg, Bubba Smith, and that beat box guy that would make American Idol's Blake Lewis eat his shorts in a totally different light.

#1 Spider-Man 3 - $336.5 million
Suddenly the $37 million less Spidey 3 brought in than Spidey 2 doesn't seem so bad. And really, it was because this film declined the least of the big three "three-quels" that this film stayed at the top from the first weekend of the pool to the last. All summer people waited for the next big thing to knock Spidey off his nest, but it was all for naught. Film quality and Jazz Club Hands aside, the web-slinger met and conquered the best and worst the studios had to offer in this, the biggest grossing summer season ever.

by Matt Neuenburg on 09/03/2007

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