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2008 Summer Movie Pool Final Report

The Dark Knight
Iron Man
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
I can't tell which is harder to believe… that summer is over or that the summer season really began with Made of Honor. I'm betting 70% of the people in this pool don't even remember which film that was! Ok, it also may have co-started with Iron Man, but $300 million and chump change later, everyone remembers that film still.

So, without further ado, because last Monday was Labor Day, here are the top five blockbusters of the Summer Blockbuster Pool!!!

#5. Wall-E - $218.4 million
Another critically praised Pixar film, like last year's Ratatooie (I will forever refuse to actually learn how to spell this word… Voulez Vous, sure, that's an ABBA song. Everyone should know how to spell that, even if it is really hard not to add an "Ah ha!" at the end) that still somehow seemed to disappoint at the box-office. Disappoint may seem to be a strong word for a film clearing $200 million, yet in the shadow created by Nemo and Incredibles, the latest Pixar films have been delivering less not more. However, how can we criticize any film that leaves every adult in the audience thinking twice about ordering a Super Big Gulp when just an ordinary Big Gulp will do.

#4 Hancock - $227.4 million
Will Smith still stands tall as the surest bet to make a movie a hit. When you can make a hit movie by taking America's best loved star and spend an hour trying to make him as unlikable as possible, you're doing alright for yourself. On the other hand, I must be doing it all wrong. I spend most of my time trying to be as likable as possible and I can't make half that in a year, let alone in just the summer months. Oh well. For his next cinematic challenge he should see if he can make that much coin if he goes back to spelling Will with only one L.

#3 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - $315.8 million
To be honest, this is the only film on the list that I haven't seen yet. When I asked my wife if she liked after seeing it with her family, the 30-second pause that ensued before she even said a word was enough for me to FastPass it to my Netflix queue somewhere between The Conqueror, where John Wayne played Genghis Khan ("You will be mine, Tarter Woman") and Dolph Lundgren's epic turn as He-Man in Masters of the Universe where he so over annunciated to try and cover up his accent that lines like "Quick, out the back door" took about 17 seconds of screen time. Now, what does this have to do about a man who graduated high school with Sandy and Danny in 1959 outrunning natives with spears and swing from rafters with whips in 2008? Absolutely nothing. Which is all I have to say about this movie.

#2 Iron Man - $317.8 million
This was the best debut for a "new" superhero movie since Spider-Man 1. What does it say about Iron Man, who wasn't really a household name, when it made more than both Hulk films combined? After the lame taste Spidey and X-Men left with their third iterations, fans were glad to have something to be excited about again. After Zathura and Zodiac, Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. were just glad audiences were excited to see something they did period. Sure, the final fight wasn't even up to Fox's Celebrity Boxing standards (I mean that Vanilla Ice/Todd Bridges battle is hard to top), yet the sum certainly was more than the parts.

#1 The Dark Knight - $504.8 million
There were some poolers that predicted this would be the summer of the bat, but no one thought it would go on to be the biggest box-office smash since Titanic. The Christopher Nolan film has become an instant classic and will be broadcast with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday showings on TNT for years to come. Maybe by then someone can explain how the Joker prepared his elaborate escape from prison when he didn't even know he was going to be caught. Regardless, this series kicked off the whole "Begins/Origins" trend three years ago that Bond and others followed and now everyone else is going round and round about they're going to "Dark Knight" their projects and take them to the next level. I can't wait to see how they "Dark Knight" the Smurfs movie coming out in 2010!

by Matt Neuenburg on 09/01/2008

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