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2012 Parties Like Its 1999 - Week 2

Disney's A Christmas Carol
The Men Who Stare at Goats
Well, it took an extra week, but we finally had a film that looked like a blockbuster, smelled like a blockbuster (true, that's not always a good smell), and actually performed like a blockbuster.

All it took was the end of the world to fill the multiplexes again as 2012 erupted with $65.2 million in its debut weekend. Apparently the future is much more intriguing than the past of 19th Century England. This was one of the bigger November releases ever and certainly showed that people haven't tired of seeing the earth destroyed. Either that or folks just couldn't get enough of the 2012 theme song sung by Adam Lambert.

A Christmas Carol held-up very well dropping only 26% in its second weekend. Maybe the yuletide standard can continue to bring good wishes throughout the holiday season after all. Maybe it's not too late to add a Kris Allen theme song at the end!

[For those new to the pool, a film normally drops about 40% from weekend to weekend. So, when a film drops by less than that (usually due to positive word-of-mouth), it's seen as a good thing and if a film drops by more (usually due to negative word-of-mouth), it's seen as not so good. The caveat for "blockbuster" films is that they tend to frontload and get so many people in the first weekend that they naturally have larger drop-offs. With this is mind, a 50% fall would still be grand, but anything more is a sign that the film will be coming to DVD sooner than you might think.]

The Fourth Kind of Men Who Stare at Goat Boxes all kerplopped between 55-62%, so we can officially dismiss those movies from having any say in what the Top Five for the season is going to be.

The Top Five If Today Was Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Observance:

#1. 2012 - $65.2 million
#2. A Christmas Carol - $63.3 million
#3. The Men Who Stare at Goats - $23 million
#4. The Fourth Kind - $20.4 million
#5. The Box - $13.2 million

This Week
Three films go after your pre-Thanksgiving dollars and they couldn't be more different.

New Moon will try to top the $69.3 million opening Twilight has last November. While there are plenty of fans of the series, it has seemingly become a polarizing franchise with people (ok, men) dedicating themselves not to see it. Will the new movie be able to pull in new fans to go with the New Moon?

Planet 51 offers the second of three animated films this season. While this appears to be in the vein of the typical animated CGI films that do well these days, it's from a non-traditional animation studio. Without the name and promotion of a Pixar, Dreamworks, or even Fox animated title, will this movie be lost in space?

The Blind Side looks like the annual heartfelt football movie a la Remember the Titans, Radio, The Express, We Are Marshall, and Gridiron Gang. It's the first one to feature an actress as the main star, however, so will the Sandra Bullock factor be enough to make this one stand out from the pack?

by Matt Neuenburg on 11/16/2009

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