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American Ganster Stings Bee Movie - Week 1

American Gangster
Bee Movie
[I just want you all to know that the writer's strike won't have any affect on these weekly updates. It takes a lot less than that to disrupt these updates. As Kanye West can attest, I may not have been on this as long as Prince was on Apollonia, but I'll still try to make these reports as timely as possible.]

As much as everyone was complaining to me about who wants to see any of the films coming out this season, apparently everyone not in the pool actually does. The top two films combined for over $70 million out of the gate! If you add the gross of Martian Child into that mix, the total grows dramatically to a whopping $70 million and 13 cents.

Americans were more in the taking mood than giving by supporting American Gangster to the tune of $43.6 million dollars. It was the largest opening ever for either a Denzel Washington or Russell Crowe movie. This film looks like it could really live up to being this year's The Departed which makes me and every other pooler a little sad that had this film departed from their picks

Jerry Seinfeld had been in the hard-sell mode for months leading up to Bee Movie's debut. All that work got him was a $38 million opening. Sure, not shabby, but it's the worst opening ever for a Dreamworks CGI animated film. Ironically, the Simpsons never had a higher TV rating than Seinfeld during the 90's, however its movie this summer debuted with almost twice as much dough. Still, compared to Michael Richard's Trial and Error movie, Jerry has nothing to be ashamed about.

Believe it or not, American Gangster trumping the family-friendly Bee Movie at the box-office wasn't even the biggest upset of the week. That belongs to the Eagles for selling 500,000 more CDs than Britney Spears last week. Seriously, how they pulled that off without lip-syncing through a bad dance performance, losing custody of their kids, and filming a video that looks like it was filmed by a snuff director, I have no idea.

The Top Five If Today Was Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Observance:

#1. American Gangster - $43.6 million
#2. Bee Movie - $38 million
#3. Martian Child - $3.4 million
#4. n/a
#5. n/a

This Week
Fred Claus comes down the chimney to bring us some holiday cheer! Elf shocked the shoes with bells on off everyone in 2003 with $173 million. Can Vince Vaughn pull in the same cash when everyone's expecting it to do well? It's weird to even think about Vince's last two holiday roles were playing serial killers in Domestic Disturbance and Psycho. Those reindeers who were making fun of Rudolph better watch out!

Lions for Lambs should have a lot more hype going for it, shouldn't it? Redford, Streep, Cruise, Yawn?! Cruise has actually been money in the annals of the Holiday Movie Pool having never made a staring-role film that didn't make the Top Five. I'm feeling that record goes down here… Unless this counts as another non-starring role like Magnolia.

Lastly, the Red Eye of the bunch, P2. If Sarah Michelle Geller couldn't make noise last year with her The Return, I don't see this star-less vehicle generating much elevator action… Elevator Action being like one of the greatest video games of the 80's mind you. Now why hasn't anyone tried to make that one into a movie?

by Matt Neuenburg on 11/05/2007

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