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Brad Pitt's 'Killing' Dies Softly - Week 5

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
Wreck-It Ralph
Life of Pi
Rise of the Guardians
Killing Them Softly
If you wonder why there was no Week 5 Preview last week, it's due to the almost annual Post-Thanksgiving tradition of a weak box-office offering. For some reason, Hollywood rarely puts anything high-profile in the weekends immediately following Memorial Day and Thanksgiving. They save these spots as graveyards to drop such films as the Joe Pesci/Danny Glover classic Goin' Fishing and then point to the poor results as proof that people don't want to see new movies on these two weekends. They'll use the same, "See, we told you," after Brad Pitt's latest did nothing to flip the needle this year. Funny, in 2003 Finding Nemo had a $70 million debut the weekend after Memorial Day. Yeah, it's not a list of movies that includes The Warrior's Way, Punisher: War Zone, Awake, and National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj. It's got to be the weekend to blame for the poor returns!

Brad Pitt can't be totally held to blame for Killing Them Softly's incredibly soft $7 million opening. After all, it was a basically an indie movie with a name star budgeted at only $15 million. This wasn't something studio-types would expect to garner $40 million starts. At worst, this film looks to top his last indie-type film, The Tree of Life, which only managed a $13.3 million total and to completely polarize filmgoers who saw it into those who praised its artistic merit and those who walked out before they fell asleep. Four of Pitt's biggest hits have come during the Holiday Movie Pool season, the three Ocean Eleven movies and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, yet this seems something more in line with the Meeting Joe Black After Seven Years in Tibet vein.

Surprisingly, while Breaking Dawn - Part 2 fell almost exactly the same 60% as the other Twilight films have in their third weekend, none of the younger films were able to keep enough momentum to rise above it. Breaking Dawn - Part 2 sucked another $17.4 million for a $254.6 million total. Why Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise aren't prepping a "20 Years Later" Interview With a Vampire sequel to try and mine the white-hot vampire territory right now is anyone's guess. You know Christian Slater's available now that we've already missed his "20 Years Later" Kuffs sequel.

Skyfall is truly living to Die Another Day. Slipping 52% in its fourth weekend with $17 million, the 23rd Bond film is only $8 million behind the 5th Twilight film with $246 million. If Skyfall can merely fall a little slower than the Team Who Cares Anymore, there's a chance that 007's license to kill will be expanded to include Vampire Hunter. Tomorrow Never Dies couldn't stop the other pastiest couple in the world, Jack and Rose on the Titanic, yet James Bond definitely has Edward and Bella in his Walther PPK sights.

Neither Lincoln or Life of Pi seemed to show much signs of "life" once the stuffing ran out after Thanksgiving. Both films fell around 47% as the well-reviewed buzz wasn't enough to hook people in who weren't already interested. Lincoln certainly stands a chance to cross $100 million and hope to hang onto a #5 spot after The Hobbit comes out from his hole, though Pi's crust seems more crumbled. Life of Pi would have to kill Lincoln to make the Top 5, and it looks like only John Wilkes Booth has a shot at that.

Rise of the Guardians held well dropping 43%, yet it's $48.9 total in 12 days is still less than what Wreck-It Ralph totaled in its first weekend. Just like these weren't the droids the stormtroopers were looking for, these weren't the results DreamWorks was looking for. Maybe having Alec Baldwin's Santa Claus voice be unrecognizable because he's hiding it behind some Hunt For Red October Russian accent and losing any of the charm normally associated with the very charming Hugh Jackman with his Easter Bunny interpretation wasn't the best voice directing call. It's like hiring ZZ Top to perform and then asking them to shave their beards. Something's just going to seem a bit off.

As to the Top Five, Lincoln has received enough electoral votes to unseat Flight and send it to stand-by. This Flight is probably not long for this world as The Hobbit in all likelihood will top Denzel's black box in its first weekend. Still, it's worth noting how interesting the dozens of alcohol product placements were during the movie Flight. You'd think if a film is dealing with the perils and repercussions of alcoholism that companies wouldn't be lining-up to say, "Yes, but when he's about to go on his bender, make sure he's drinking our Vodka!" Maybe it's just the "better it's our brand on screen than someone else's" mentality. Still, is "If you're going to be drinking an open container while driving, make it a Bud Light" really the tag-line you want? Maybe I'm just not the target demographic anymore. I'm pretty sure Rolling Rock is already working on their "The best beer to drink while you're snorting coke" campaign.

The Top Five If Today Was Martin Luther King Jr. Observance:
#1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part Two - $254.6 million
#2. Skyfall - $246 million
#3. Wreck-It Ralph - $158.3 million
#4. Lincoln - $83.7 million
#5. Flight - $81.5 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 12/03/2012

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