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Coco’s Short A Few Marshmallows; Jedi Is Far From Last - Weeks Thanksgiving-Xmas

Thor: Ragnarok
Justice League
Star Wars: Episode VIII -  The Last Jedi
So, I’m a little behind. This will catch us up from Thanksgiving to Christmas and then I’ll cover the Christmas and New Years movies next week (Sure, they all say, like that’ll ever happen).

[Argh, I swear I wrote an update about Justice League just before Thanksgiving which made me feel only a month behind, not six-weeks… Well, since I can find no proof of ever sending that out, writing it, or posting it on the blog after I’d already written this Thanksgiving to almost Christmas update, I am officially the worst. Nice try, suckers, you can’t top me!!!

Back to Justice League, let’s just call it the Ho-Hum Avengers. It did ok at the box-office, not great. The movie was ok, not great. Most people felt ok watching it, not great. There was some ok humor in it, not great. The newer heroes seemed ok, not great. However, it didn’t do as well as any of the previous DC Universe Movies (Man of Steel, Batman Vs. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman), which is why the overall film feels… not great.]

Coco was the main entree over Thanksgiving Weekend and used that to its advantage for a $50 million weekend, $72 million five-day total. The three-day total puts it between Ratatouille (not bad) and Cars 3 (uh, ooos). The five-day total (if it was over three days) would put it between The Incredibles and Monsters University.

Only time would tell whether this would stand-up as one of Pixar’s better successes or forgettable outputs. Was this Up or Brave? A Shania Twain song or Sara Bareilles. Since we’re writing this from the future about the past, it looks like I can tell you… Coco is preparing its Vegas show instead of being the toast of Broadway. Which is weird because Shania is reliving past glories in Vegas and Sara’s Waitress musical is Tony nominated.

Over the next few weekends, Coco kept “winning the boxoffice weekend” yet mostly due to a lack of competition. Also, almost all its money was being made over the weekends (i.e. families). Grown-ups apparently prefer their coffee to Coco and the adult audiences that supported Inside Out and Up weren’t following Miguel’s adventure. As a result, by the end of The Last Jedi’s first weekend, Coco has totaled $150.3 million. Don’t cry over spilled Coco, but only three Pixar films in the 21st Century have made less than $200 million and two of them have Cars in the title. Coco’s about to join that club. Gulp.

The real surprise of the Thanksgiving to Star Wars season was Wonder. After opening with a solid $27 million, Wonder continued to stay in the Top Five films every weekend from its opening till Christmas. Wonder now has $109 million, bested the ridiculous moustache of Hercule Poirot, took down both Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, and now is sitting pretty in the Top Five films of the season. Can it survive all the holiday rush movies? That would truly be a wonder!

Finally, at last, Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi opened and the real fireworks could start this holiday season. A galactic $220 million debut put to rest any of the Star Wars Fatigue some may have guessed had been brewing. Yes, it was $20 million less than The Force Awakens start, but almost $70 million ahead of Rogue One. People were obviously super excited about the next adventures of Ray, Poe, and Finn… and to see Mark Hamill speak his first lines in a Star Wars movie since 1983. If only that same magic had worked for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

This was the second biggest opening ever. However, since its release, there’s been noticeable chatter about backlash and some fans rejecting some of the storylines from Episode VIII. How this will ultimately determine The Last Jedi’s final tally will be told in the future we’re not in yet.

While I’m not one of the nitpickers, I’m overall surprised at some of the loud disdains. George Lucas himself changed so much of his own mythology by re-editing the original trilogy and creating those crappy prequels, that we’re going to crap on a movie where Chewbacca becomes vegan, Princess Leia flies like she’s in La La Land, and Laura Dern has purple hair? Ok, well, maybe the purple hair really doesn’t make any sense.

The Top Five If Today Was MLK Day (as of 12/17/17):
#1. Thor: Ragnarok - $306.5 million
#2. Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi - $220 million
#3. Justice League - $219 million
#4. Coco - $150.7 million
#5. Wonder - $109.1 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 12/26/2017

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