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Déjà Vu Occurs As Top Films From Week 3 Repeat In Week 4 - Week 4

Happy Feet
Casino Royale
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
Flushed Away
Déjà Vu
Fresh from turkey induced comas, film-goers seemed to forget that four new films opened and instead all went to go see Happy Feet and Casino Royal again.

The 42nd Street of penguin movies only slipped 11% in its second weekend while Her Majesty's Secret Service was down a mere 25%. Both films are almost at $100 million after ten days of release. Basic Instinct 2 still hasn't made that much in 240 days of release.

As far as new films go, Denzel did bring the goods with $28.6 million in the first five days of Déjà Vu's release. With a track record of seven of his latest eight films opening with $20 million or more, at least there's someone in Hollywood earning his paycheck.

Amazingly, Deck The Halls made $16.9 million of the Thanksgiving weekend. That might surprise me more than the fact that Danny DeVito got top billing over Matthew Broderick (though I'm sure execs were just pulling straws to see which name should go first anyway). Ok, I understand some people find Christmas Vacation hysterical, but did America really want to spend 10 bucks a pop to see an ABC Family original movie?

The Fountain's $5.5 million opening shows how you can really bury a movie and no one will really notice. Film geeks have had this on their radar for years as it was director Darren Aronofsky's first film since Requiem for a Dream and it was an epic, sci-fi/fantasy movie with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. What would Aronofky do with his first big-budget Hollywood production? Get released with no publicity over Thanksgiving and forgotten by Black Friday. Sometimes it's better to be a big fish in the independent film world than a "Who's that?" in the studio world.

Meanwhile, it looks like the musical novelty act of Tenacious D is a novelty for a reason. When released against real movies, The Pick of Destiny was only able to pick $5.2 million. So much for the sequel The Bass Solo of Boredom.

The Top Five if Today was MLK Day…

#1. Borat - $109.1 million
#2. Happy Feet - $99.3 million
#3. Casino Royale - $94.1 million
#4. Santa Clause 3 - $67.1 million
#5. Flushed Away - $57.3 million

This Week
The first live-action major studio (OK, it's New Line, they're like a mini-major) release of a Biblical-based film since the 60's arrives in The Nativity Story. Since the cast is mostly unknown to mainstream audiences, I'm going to guess that they're hoping to pull in fans of the book.

I bet the producers of Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj were feeling a lot better before the -back-to-back flops of Let's Go To Prison and The Pick of Destiny. Either high-school and college-age boys have gotten smarter about how to spend their money or they're all out in line waiting for a Playstation 3.

The independent horror film Turistas tries to appeal to those who know white Christmases are always better with splatterings of red. Five Silent Night, Deadly Night films can't be wrong… or maybe they can.

by Matt Neuenburg on 11/27/2006

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