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Despicable Me 2 Makes Minions More Than Lone Ranger - Week 10

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Just a few weeks ago a highly anticipated animated sequel and a live-action movie had a "win-win" at the box-office. This time around, a highly anticipated animated sequel and a live-action movie had a "domination-pwned" relationship.

Despicable Me 2 used all the charm and fanfare from its first film to propel the sequel to a huge $83.5 million weekend and mintastic $143 million five-day total... Something it took 15 days for the first film to do! Steve Carell continued his streak of being more popular as a voice than in-person, given how uncredible The Incredible Burt Wonderstone was. Maybe if he found his own Milli Vanilli, Carell could keep doing the voice in live-action movies and this other performer could act them out. Given how the actor who played Goldfinger often spoke in German on camera with someone else dubbing his lines in English, this might not be as nuts as it sounds... Girl, you know it's true!

Speaking of dubbing lines, that's basically what Benjamin Bratt had to do as he replaced Al Pacino in the role of Eduardo just two months before the movie opened. All of the animation was already set to Pacino's recordings, so Bratt had to make his interpretation mesh with what was already in the can. Perhaps he used his own 007 technique as he's married to License to Kill Bond Babe, Talisa Soto.

The Lone Ranger was indeed alone in second place with a $29.2 million weekend, even if it's $48.7 million five-day doesn't seem so bad. Folks smelling a stinker even before it debuted have tried to tout this as the biggest bomb ever, yet that's not even close. It's already ahead of where John Carter was (which cost about the same) and feels like it'll fit more in line with the "other" From-The-Team-That-Brought-You-Pirates-Of-The-Caribbean movie, 2010's Prince of Persia. That film has already fallen into the forgotten Sands of Time and The Lone Ranger may not be far behind. Not hideous enough to be continually referenced like a Battlefield Earth and unremarkable enough to be noticed on Johnny Depp's lengthy IMDB credits.

What won't be forgotten in Tinseltown is why Disney went ahead and made this movie in the first place. Prince of Persia and John Carter were both hugely unsuccessful MouseHouse films with ginormous budgets. Disney had already balked at spending this much money to make The Lone Ranger two years ago, only to eventually cut a little off the top and still green-light the project. A project that would indirectly follow in the footsteps of other failed old-west/genre-mashing movies such as Jonah Hex, Cowboys & Aliens, and (arguably) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Believing Johnny Depp would cure all ails, Disney didn't even put a known name in as the title character leaving most of America to ask, "Who was that masked man?" And when you tell them Armie Hammer, we're all just thinking baking soda.

The Heat refused to melt in the summer sun. Holding very strong with a 37% dip, the girl-buddy action-comedy has already arrested $86.3 million. What's even more amazing than this film being bound to be the third $100 million grosser for Melissa McCarthy this year, it's that The Hangover Part III will be the worst performing of her three films. I'm pretty sure the guys from Hot Chelle Rae are going to want to get that strange tattoo they woke up with mixed with Zach Galifianakis removed tonight... tonight at the party on the rooftop top of the world.

Monsters University understandable lost some accreditation this week as the minions invaded the box-office campus. Falling 57%, no other film was as directly assaulted as the Greeks at Oozma Kappa. With a three-week tuition of $216.3 million, the school will certainly climb the ranks of Star Trek Into Darkness and Fast & Furious 6, though it may fail at Man of Steel.

Speaking of the blue boy scout, Man of Steel enjoyed a patriotic July 4th slipping 45% and amassing $271.9 million. Superman is certainly setting the bar high as the current #2 film of the season, however, super minions may be the kryptonite that moves the Man of Steel to the Man of Third.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Iron Man 3 - $406.4 million
#2. Man of Steel - $271.2 million
#3. Fast & Furious 6 - $235.5 million
#4. Star Trek Into Darkness - $223.1 million
#5. Monsters University - $216.3 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 07/08/2013

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