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Despicable Me Preys On Predators - Week 10

Toy Story 3
Iron Man 2
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Despicable Me
Shrek Forever After
The Last Airbender
Well, how is this going to rub Steve Carrel's ego when his films open better when he's not actually seen in them?

Carrel's voice has been used in three movies now (Despicable Me, Horton Hears a Who, and Over the Hedge) and those make up three of his top four weekend opening… And Get Smart only tops Over the Hedge by a few hundred thousand, though you could equally argue that Steve was not really the touted star of that film as Bruce Willis and Garry Shandling were the headliners.

Regardless, DM debuted to a fantastic non-sequel animated debut of $56.9 million. The marketing team did a great job of making this film seem entertaining for all-viewers and the high numbers represent that. What they didn't do was make a rip-off videogame to try and sell to people that did like the movie. What was Universal thinking?! It's like Movie-Marketing 101. Make a completely buggy, pointless videogame to cash-in on your movie tie-in and piss-off all your fans that wasted their money on it in the process. Someone was certainly sleeping at the wheel on that one!

While having Predators receive the critical praise of "The Best Predator Movie Since The First One" is kinda like saying it's the best Yahoo Serious movie since Young Einstein, you still must give them credit for not sinking below the already low standards of the series. While a $24.8 million opening won't put their trophy on the Top Five wall, it should help keep the franchise going after Alien Vs. Predator 2 did its best to kill them both. Meanwhile, I'm starting to wonder if Christian Bale is receiving a residual for every actor that tries to imitate his "tough guy" raspy voice since Adrian Brody is aping it to a tee.

The Eclipse stayed much longer than expected as it only dropped 51% from its first weekend, which is far better than both Twilight or New Moon fared. Sitting sparklely with $235.4 million in 12 days, the film looks on target to top New Moon's total but not in a full moon way.

However, the other 4th of July movie, The Last Airbender, bent the wrong way with a 59% tumble. While no one will complain about a $99.7 million 11-day total, I expect the clearance signs to go up any day now on all those toys at Target. Gotta make room for all of The Expendables action figures!

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:

#1. Toy Story 3 - $339.2 million
#2. Iron Man 2 - $309.2 million
#3. Eclipse - $235.4 million
#4. Shrek 4 - $233.8 million
#5. Karate Kid - $164.3 million

This Week
I think we have the last, best chance at a real blockbuster movie this summer and shockingly enough it's not the one with Nicolas Cage.

Christopher Nolan has crafted some really stellar movies… and then he's also made everyone ironically fall-asleep during Insomnia. Inception doesn't look like it'll have that problem as it has all the bullet points a movie could want: cool effects, good actors, intriguing plot, and a soundtrack by Frank Stallone. OK, maybe scratch that last part.

Warner Bros. has had a terrible summer so far after the disappointing Sex in the City 2 and the DOA films of Splice and Jonah Hex. If Inception can come anywhere close to the $250 million range, WB is willing to call the whole summer a success on just that one film. That's a lot of pressure for one movie so they better hope there's no turn-off twist at the end that'll make everyone skip this film for Salt by next weekend.

On the other side, Jerry Bruckheimer and Nicolas Cage reunite for another family-friendly adventure romp. The National Treasure movies have been big hits in the Holiday season, yet tackling the fickle and busy summer market is something different altogether. This is the sixth PG or less film released directly for families in the last seven weeks. How much cash do they think families have just sitting around after paying their Costco memberships… Especially for a non-3D movie?! The Sorcerer's Apprentice looks to be an enjoyable movie, but it may suffer from summer fatigue as families can't see everything and non-families will seek out the fresh idea of Inception over Nicolas Cage playing, in a surprise turn, Nicolas Cage.

by Matt Neuenburg on 07/12/2010

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