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Enchanted Enchants The Thankgiving Weekend - Week 4

American Gangster
Bee Movie
Fred Claus
The Mist
Disney once ruled the Thanksgiving weekend back in the day (that day was the 90's, aka the Hootie and the Blowfish and Gin Blossoms generation). They'd throw out any whole remake like Flubber or live-action version like 101 Dalmatians and it was pure gold.

Well, happy days are here again for the Mouse House as its ambitious hybrid picture Enchanted charmed $49.1 million over the five-day period. In hindsight it makes a lot of sense that Patrick Dempsey's human character never crosses over into the cartoon world since he was about the only thing not animated during the movie. It's like he's only learned to mimic Richard Gere's dour look but forgotten the smarmy, the arrogant, and bewildered looks to truly balance it out.

This Christmas reminded people that is doesn't take Tyler Perry for a low-budget African-American movie to prove very profitable. Stuffing $26.3 million onto their plates over the five day period, This Christmas proved to be no turkey.

The video game to movie business has always been tough to gauge. Call Hitman one that hit directly in the middle. $21.1 million over the five days is way more than any of the legendary Uwe Boll films, but a bit under the Resident Evils. Until someone makes a Madden Football movie adaptation, we'll never know just how well these video game movies can do.

The Mist didn't even do as well as the crappy remake of The Fog a year and a half ago. A cloudy $12.9 over the five days might mean this is the final Stephan King movie for director Frank Darabout. Of course, Shawshank Redemption made less than $3 million when it opened, so hey, who can complain about a 400% improvement!

The Top Five If Today Was Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Observance:

#1. American Gangster - $115.6 million
#2. Bee Movie - $111.9 million
#3. Beowulf - $56.6 million
#4. Fred Clause - $52.9 million
#5. Enchanted - $49.1 million

This Week
There used to be an old Hollywood tradition of "not" rolling out big name films in the weekends following Memorial Day and Thanksgiving. That tradition has been overlooked the last few years, but lucky for us, in the holiday movie season that seems about as exciting as a Matlock marathon, Hollywood has returned to giving us nothing to look forward to this weekend.

Well, I don't know if I'd call the new Jessica Alba/Hayden Christensen movie Awake nothing… No, wait, I would.

by Matt Neuenburg on 11/26/2007

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