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Expendables Extends Its Expending - Weeks 15 & 16

The Avengers
The Dark Knight Rises
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Bourne Legacy
The Campaign
The Expendables 2
Great Hope Springs
The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Two year ago Sylvester Stallone had a crazy dream: to gather past, present, and long forgotten action stars into one big movie buffet. To that extent, the plan worked perfectly as The Expendables went on to make over $100 million and be Sly's biggest hit since Rocky IV (and yes, we're intentionally not counting Spy Kids 3D: Game Over). On the other side, the film proved there may have been a reason teenagers don't rent direct-to-video movies with Dolph Lundgren any more as his genius seems better suited to singing performances on variety shows in Sweden, such as this one.

Sure enough, if there's anything Stallone learned early in his career, when there's a chance to make a sequel the answer is always yes, even if the answer should be Stop, Or My Mom Will Shoot. The Expendables 2 may not have captured the same enthusiasm as the first film as it opened with $28.8 million compared to 2010's $34.9 million debut (It's sort of like the old Chris Rock joke about why anyone would pay to see Latoya Jackson a second time in Playboy. "Did she grow a third breast or something?"), yet it's Oops, I Did It Again-ness should mean these guys will get to be Expendable one more time.

After starting with a passable $38.1 million last weekend, The Bourne Legacy may be why the filmmakers thought moviegoers were going to bring their cliff notes to the movie. When something's presented as a new section of Bourne franchise, why should viewers already be confused five minutes in about who everyone is? What percent of the couples defined as "My girl thinks Matt Damon's cute and I like the action" translates to "We've mapped out the entire Treadstone Conspiracy to its eight different subsidiaries and know what's going on in all the different government agencies at any given time during the entire trilogy." I'm going on a ledge, as opposed to a Man on a Ledge, and saying that's not a huge market there. Still, making confusing yet compelling movies kinda defines the Bourne movies. However, dropping 56% in a second weekend is the most un-Bourne thing The Bourne Legacy could do.

A year ago The Help opened to $26 million on its way to an impressive $170 million haul. The two films who most seemed like that "August Alternative" movie seemed to need a lot more "help." Hope Springs, while clearly a huge hit in Palm Springs when I was there last week, has only sprung $35 million in 10 days. This is well behind Meryl Streep's other summer hits of The Devil Wears Prada, Julie & Julia, and the film no one heard me calling S.O.S., Mamma Mia. The other attempt at summer oddity was The Odd Life of Timothy Green. While clearly trying to offer something different, its $15.2 million five-day total shows it wasn't the different most people were looking for.

With the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions, The Campaign may stay out on the trail for the rest of the month. While it may not win the electoral college, it's $51.7 million in 10 days indicate it may make the $100 million club which could garner some third party talk. Ideally, this is something that could help get the main candidates to talk about the real issues like is Taylor Swift really still a country artist or why none of the TV shows people actually talk about are on the networks.

The Dark Knight Rises to become the third biggest superhero movie ever and that's probably where it's going to stay. With $409.9 million already, TDKR looks set to get around $450 million but short of The Dark Knight and now legendary positioning of The Avengers. Just like people thought the only thing that could top The Dark Knight could be The Dark Knight Rises, at this point the only thing that looks like it could top The Avengers is The Avengers 2 (coming your way in May 2015).

This was the week Ted finally punched through the Madagascar afro circus cloud and placed itself directly on the Top Five chart. With two weeks to go, could just be the final placement or are there more surprises in store?

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. The Avengers - $617.6 million
#2. The Dark Knight Rises - $409.9 million
#3. The Amazing Spider-Man - $257.4 million
#4. Brave - $229.1 million
#5. Ted - $213.1 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 08/20/2012

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