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Fast 6 Gives Hangover 3 A Furious Migraine - Week 4

Iron Man 3
Fast & Furious 6
Star Trek Into Darkness
The Great Gatsby
The Hangover Part III
With three new movies all trying to race to the top of the weekend charts, I may be a day late with my update, but at least I'm not a Hangover Part III short.

No wait, I've got more. What do you call a sequel that opens with only half of what it's predecessor opened with? The Hangover Part III! (If you wanted to know what to call a sequel that only opens with 75% of its previous film, that's Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem). Here's another, Iron Man, Star Trek and Fast 6 walk into a bar and order The Hangover Part III... I'm kidding, no one ordered The Hangover Part III! Alright, last one... Why did the chicken cross the road? Because The Hangover Part III was playing on his side!

While this weekend was set-up to be a huge show-down between two franchises whose latest films had each opened in the $85 million range, Vin Diesel and crew showed their series still had plenty of gas in the tank as Fast & Furious 6 opened with a nitro-fueled $97.4 million 3-day weekend and blistering 4-day $117 million total. This surpassed the previous high in the series, Fast 5's $86.2 million debut, and helped explain why Universal has already put Fast 7 on its schedule for next July.

Speaking of which, why they still have a Waterworld show at their Universal Studios park and not a F&F show is inexcusable. This is so fixable! Replace Dennis Hopper's bad guy with Vin (they're both bald), Paul Walker's acting is exactly in the Kevin Costner wheelhouse, and no one could fill-in for a bland Jeanne Tripplehorn better than Jordana Brewster. Simply replace the water with a paved road and this baby's ready to roll out by next weekend. This is so much better than my idea for Magic Mountain to open a Talk Like Bane booth last summer.

Technically, The Hangover Part III didn't run on empty this weekend after a $50.3 million 3-day and $62.1 million 4-day start, but this kind of drop was not what the Warner Bros. ordered. In some ways, this series might end up mirroring exactly what happened to another Warner Bros. franchise: The Matrix. The first was a huge critical and financial hit. The second made mondo money yet left critics and fans wondering why they even made this movie. The third did nothing to revive interest in the series and went out with a whimper opening to $48.5 million and wrapping-up with $139.3 million total. We could be looking at the exact same path for The Hangover Part III. I think all the WB movie execs would like to take the blue pill right about now.

Though Epic was nowhere close to being epic, it certainly served its role as the family film of choice over the extended holiday period. Despite its lack of marquee-name voice talent, the big film about little people made $33.5 million over 3-days and $42.8 million over the 4-day weekend. This was a nice bump from Rise of the Guardians, which was similarly based on a book by William Joyce and produced by him, as that film was meeker with a $23.8 million debut last fall. Still, if they'd really wanted to blow the roof off this film, they'd have gotten their voice actors Beyonce, Steven Tyler, and Pitbull to record an awesome, summer party-jam to play over their ending credits. Now that would've been Epic!

Star Trek did not fall Into Darkness its second weekend. Having the warp drive slowed-down 46.9% was completely in accordance with Starfleet regulations. Recruitment was up to $37.3 million over the 3-day weekend with a 4-day total of $47.2 million. Given its current trajectory, Star Trek Into Darkness is almost exactly on the same pace as the Star Trek without an awkward title addition. Those poolers who thought STID would make more or less should have some Saurian Brandy. Those who thought it would make the same as ST, can rest assured they picked the porridge that was just right... even if that's also the same porridge that gets eaten.

Iron Man 3 fell another 46% yet the thrusters seem to be working fine to stabilize the descent. In four weekends, the Man of Iron has already collected $367.4 million dollars and is only a weekend or two away from passing the first Spider-Man movie to become the second biggest Marvel film of all-time. In case you have amnesia from last summer, Marvel's The Avengers will probably reign supreme as the largest grossing Marvel movie until at least 2015's The Avengers 2. Then again, I'm pretty sure even if James Cameron made a Titanic 2 it's heart wouldn't go on as long as the first one.

The Great Gatsby also held well with a 43.4% drop. There are no late library fees on this book. Even though Cliffs Notes should probably be handed out at the concession counter along with the gourmet pretzels and bonbons, there's no further analysis required to call this film a success. $114.7 million for an almost 90 year-old book? We'll see if Twilight can pull that off when it's on its third reboot in 2095 and people are using Bitcoin to pay for movie tickets.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Iron Man 3 - $372.8 million
#2. Star Trek Into Darkness - $156 million
#3. Fast & Furious 6 - $117 million
#4. The Great Gatsby - $117.8 million
#5. The Hangover Part III - $62.1 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 05/28/2013

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