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‘Ford’ V. Everyone: Competition Gets Lapped - Weeks 2 & 3

Charlie’s Angels
Doctor Sleep
Ford v. Ferrari
Last Christmas
Playing with Fire
Terminator: Dark Fate
The Good Liar
Every now and then we have a movie weekend where no one is really sure what the top film will be. Usually, we have a pretty good idea. For example, this weekend we know Frozen II will top any Mr. Rogers movie and Chadwick Boseman action film (unless said action film is Marvel related). However, we’ve just had two weekends in a row with no clear “Is this going to be a hit or not?” slate of films… and to answer the question, we’ve had a “yes,” a “sorta” , and a lot of “we’re done.”

Ford v. Ferrari’s use of the Supreme Court “v.” might seem a little grandiose since it didn’t have a supreme opening, but a $31.5 million debut is the biggest opening in the three weeks of the pool, so we’ll take it! The Matt Damon/Christian Bale historical drama about men and cars, and suits and cars, and egotistical CEOs and cars, and the wife that puts up with a middle-aged man who wants to be Dom Toretto and live his life a quarter-mile at a time and cars movie finally delivered something that feels like a hit this Holiday Season.

Normally, a film earns about a third of its final gross in its opening weekend. If that holds true for Ford V. Ferrari, this film could reach $95 million. With good word-of-mouth and a film that doesn’t feel like it has an expiration date on when you need to see it, FvF seems like something that can achieve more and top $100 million to really have a chance at being one of the low-hanging fruit that could make the Top Five.

As for the other films, let’s go to the “sorta.”

Midway, sorta, had a good debut with $17.9 million start. While that definitely was enough to be the “#1 Movie of the Week,” it was the lowest #1 film total since Angel Has Fallen had $11 million, in its second weekend, to still be the top film. As for a film in its first week to top the box-office with such a low number… I could find one in 2019 and still have eight over movies to recap, so let’s just emphasize the “sorta”ness of Midway sorta being a hit. It will sorta get to $50 million eventually and it will sorta be forgotten that it ever came out. I already sorta forgot what I’m even talking about.

And, now the Should’ve Just Been Dumped on Netflix films…

Charlie’s Angels had a hellish $8.4 million debut. I thought maybe I was just too old to get it. Nope. No one else got it either. Sorry, Charlie!

A movie starring Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen already sounds like a film that should go the limited release, indy theater route and build up critical buzz. Dropping The Good Liar on over 2,000 screens only got the film dropped to a paltry $5.6 million start. They’re not lying their way out of this mess.

Doctor Sleep answered the question about how many people had really been waiting to find out what happened to little Danny after he grew up from The Shining. The answer, not many. A $14.1 million start was scarier than anything in the film.

Playing With Fire describes anyone who invested in this mess of a miss. The John Cena kids flick flamed-out with a $12.7 million debut. The film looked like a literal Made-For-Nickelodeon tv movie and performed appropriately.

Last Christmas had such a cast and pedigree that thoughts of another Love, Actually came to mind. Instead, it’ll be the last Christmas film that takes George Michael’s song way too literally after a $11.4 million unwrapping.

Meanwhile, Terminator: Dark Fate only fell to a darker and more terminated fate. With $56 million after three weeks, this will be the lowest grossing Terminator film of all-time and certainly kills any future Terminator projects. The only way this series flies again is with a complete reboot that can write their own future without trying to connect it to anything Cameron did. You know, same as with the other 80’s chestnuts Aliens and Predator whose franchises have stalled in the 21st century.

This Week: We bring you tidings of good news… There are films people actually want to see! While Frozen II will clearly put a spell on the box-office, Tom Hanks and Chadwick Boseman offer some tasty side dishes, so everyone can find something they want to buy a ticket for… unless they’re just glued to their TV waiting for Disney+ to drop the latest ep of The Mandalorian.

The Top Five If Today Was MLK Day:
#1. Terminator: Dark Fate - $56.8 million
#2. Midway - $34.9 million
#3. Harriet - $31.7 million
#4. Ford V. Ferrari - $31.5 million
#5. Playing With Fire - $25.3 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 11/18/2019

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