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Fred Has No Claws; Bee Buzzes By - Week 2

American Gangster
Bee Movie
Fred Claus
Lions for Lambs
Four years ago Elf brought tears of joy to studio heads' eyes with an out-of-nowhere opening of $31.1 million on its way to a $173.4 million total. Four years later Fred Claus brought tears of sorrow with a mere $18.5 million opening and a promise of being lucky to make it to $50 mill, yet alone $100 mill.

I don't think poolers have been this fooled by a film since Godzilla was a sure-fire lock in summer of '98 (Heck, it was the #1 pick by most poolers) and it finished out of the top five all together. Damn Matthew Broderick and his aw-shucks, who-me ways! Sure, he had nothing to do with this disaster, but it's still fun to say: Damn Matthew Broderick and his aw-shucks, who-me ways!

Meanwhile, Bee Movie pollinated past American Gangster with a second weekend of $25.6 million and a 10 day total of $71.8 million. It was a drop of only 33% from the previous weekend, which is a far less of a drop than the second viewing of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Watching Ellie had on NBC.

For those new to the pool, an average movie declines 40% from weekend to weekend. Thus, when a film declines by less than 40%, that's seen as a good sign that it will have longer legs than normal. The alternative being if it drops by more than 40% it's on a faster track to coming out on DVD. To be fair, "huge" opening weekends generally decline by more than 40% and studio people are perfectly fine with this because so many people showed up the first weekend. Huge being like $50 million plus.

American Gangster ended up being one of those movies that slid by more than 40%, but not by much (45%). Hustling another $24 million, its 10 day total of $80.4 million still keeps the bees at bay.

This success couldn't come at a better time for director Ridley Scott who's just weeks away from peddling the 27th and 36th "official, this time for real" versions of Blade Runner. For some reason I seem to remember Sci Fi fans actually liking the first one. Why do we need another 18 versions again? Talk about a guy who just won't let it go…

Lastly, Lions for Lambs did just about as well as every other Iraq based film lately. And, yes, that's not a good thing. A mere $6.7 million opening for a film with Redford, Streep, and Cruise? New York Minute was only a million under that with two Olsens and a Levy (Eugene, in case you were interested). Bob, isn't it time you made Sneakers 2? Let's have some fun again, huh?

The Top Five If Today Was Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Observance:

#1. American Gangster - $80.4 million
#2. Bee Movie - $71.3 million
#3. Fred Clause - $18.5 million
#4. Lions for Lambs - $6.7 million
#5. Martian Child - $5 million

This Week
Beowulf, Beowulf, Beowulf. Easily the most expensive animated film geared toward adults since Final Fantasy and that film tanked so much that Sony immediately shut down their entire animation studio. Sure, that one didn't have the titillation of a naked CGI Angelina Jolie, but really, after seeing her naked in many other movies, should I really be geeked-up for a Sims version of her?

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium is another complete baffler to me (and I'm sure everyone else in this pool). Dustin Hoffman's been creepy in almost anything since Outbreak, so dropping him in a kids movie makes total sense. Before the pool, I'd have put my money on this one tanking because of the success of Fred Clause. Since Freddy already did the tanking for us, does that mean this one does well?

by Matt Neuenburg on 11/12/2007

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