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Frozen II Turns Everyone Into Turkeys - Week 4

21 Bridges
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Ford v. Ferrari
Frozen II
Terminator: Dark Fate
If you ever wondered what’s the difference between a hit and a blockbuster, this weekend told the tale. Last week Ford v. Ferrari opened with $31.5 million. That’s a hit, for sure, even if you’re just guessing C-3 in a classic game. This week, however, a film opened with over $100 million. That’s a blockbuster by any stretch of the imagination and enough to make you say, “You sank my Battleship!”

Frozen II froze out all of the competition with a fiery $130 million debut. All the songs, all the Olafs, and all the little girls in theaters dressed in princess dresses made this the biggest animated opening ever outside of the summer months. Yes, it was still less than The Incredibles 2 and Finding Dory debuts, but with at least five more days of “school free” days in Week Two, Frozen II will continue to turn ice from blue to green. Lots and lots of green.

As a result of the Frozen II blizzard, most of the other films were frozen out of box-office glory.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood grossed a very small town $13.3 million. As a big fan of last year’s Mr. Rogers documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor, even I was like “Didn’t I just see the real thing last year?” and chose to see The Good Liar with my wife this weekend when picking a film our kids wouldn’t be mad we saw without them.

Meanwhile, Black Panther 2 is certain to bring mega-fame back to Chadwick Boseman, yet a $9.3 million debut for 21 Bridges will not be mentioned in his Lifetime Achievement Award at the Academy Awards in 2059.

Ford v. Ferrari dropped 50% in its second weekend with a $15.7 million total. While that might not be ideal, it’s still heads and tails above the other wannabes this season. Until further notice, this is a potential Top Five film to keep our eyes on.

This Week: Knives Out tries to bring Indie Film sensibilities to a mainstream mystery/comedy. Will the combination work or was this something left for Indie Film Goers to see and then tell us why we’re all such terrible people for not having seen it yet? On the other side is Queen & Slim which has had a strong marketing campaign and also feels like something that could’ve come from the Indie Film world instead of Hollywood (Basically, anything with some thought put into it feels like an Indie Film to me). We’ll see if these two films can be some tasty leftovers for people who’ve already seen Frozen II or if they get buried in the snowfall.

The Top Five If Today Was MLK Day:
#1. Frozen II - $130 million
#2. Terminator: Dark Fate - $59.6 million
#3. Ford V. Ferrari - $57.7 million
#4. Midway - $43 million
#5. Harriet - $36 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 11/26/2019

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