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Grown Ups 2 And Pacific Rim Less Than Despicable - Week 11

Iron Man 3
Despicable Me 2
Man of Steel
Monsters University
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The Heat
Grown Ups 2
Pacific Rim
Giant robots and gross-out joke weren't enough to hold a nation of minions back. While the two new features would've made a great debut if they'd been one movie named Pacific Ups or Grown Rim, neither was adequate at ending Gru's nefarious plot to take over the all the box-office dollars in the world!

While Despicable Me 2 was missing a killer subtitle -- something like A Whole Gru World or Seven Minion Army (who wouldn't love a minion version of Seven Nation Army?!) would've been nice -- it certainly wasn't missing an enthusiastic audience. Slipping only 46% after a giant opening weekend, Despicable Me 2 took a line out of Wreck-It Ralph where "being bad guy doesn't make you bad guy." With a $44.8 million second weekend, Gru and his crew have now stolen more than the moon with a $229.2 million gross. The film is now set to skip a grade over Monsters University next week and might be just the kryptonite to eventually knock the Man of Steel back down to #3, something I'm pretty sure Vector would've never accomplished no matter how many piranha guns he made.

Grown Ups 2 should feel good about itself since it opened $2 million higher than the first one did in 2010 with $42.5 million. Sure, it perhaps should feel a hint of shame at having an even lower Rotten Tomatoes score of 7% to the original's "high mark" critical rating of 10%, yet, as with most of Adam Sandler's comedies, they're never going for the Spago crowd when a lot more people go to Hooters. While it remains to be seen if this film can match the $160 million total Grown Ups achieved, this debut should certainly end the "Adam Sandler's lost it" talk after his back-to-back disappointments of That's My Boy and Jack & Jill. Just like Tom Hanks can still sometimes find a terrible wig and pull-off a Da Vinci Code, Sandler's got a few farts, err, I mean tricks, left in his sleeve.

Pacific Rim was a true anomaly this summer. An original film with essentially the same plot as 20 other sci-fi films over the past 10 years. It lacked sequel or brand recognition, didn't have a cast anyone without and IMDB app would recognize, and featured a fan-boy favorite director whose only had one Hollywood movie make more than its production budget. Not exactly the ingredients that most studio execs say, "You know what, let's give this guy $190 million and see what he can do."

Well, we see that Guillermo del Toro can give you a $38.3 million opening, which is close to what his Hellboy II: The Golden Army started with five years ago, $34.5 million. That number was only a little less than half of Hellboy II's final gross, $76 million, which was not exactly a golden total. A typical film makes a third of its money in its opening weekend, so HB2 left $30 million on the table. Warner Bros. can only pray this is not a repeat of history or they might have their own Lone Ranger on their hands with Pacific Rim. Seriously, WB, just because the guy almost directed The Hobbit doesn't mean you have to give him the same production budget as The Hobbit! Track record, anyone?

Speaking of the masked man, The Lone Ranger fell 62% and has all but assured we've been spared The Lone Ranger 2: Lone Harder. With $11.1 million in its second weekend and a $71.1 million total, the only good news is that no one knew Armie Hammer before this film and they still won't know him after, so the stink won't stick onto his future projects. As for Johnny Depp, he can keep making $20 million-plus anytime he wants to make a Pirates movie, so he's going to be just fine. The only loser here is Disney who now has to cancel any plans it had into re-branding Big Thunder into a Lone Ranger Mountain Railroad, which probably makes all the rest of us winners.

In what should be a surprise to no one, The Heat had the smallest decline of any film in the top ten with 43.5 %. As I find myself having fallen out of that demographic as well, there are more than just 13 year-old boys who go to movies. Sure, back in the day I'd go see every My Science Project or completely unfunny Funny Farm, yet as I get closer to the days where I'm going to actually need those hearing-aid/closed captioning devices for older patrons, Hollywood's got to keep making flicks I'd actually want to go see. As The Heat, Now You See Me, and earlier this year 42 have shown clearly, there's money to made... even if it's senior discount money.

FYI, Despicable Me 2 has now officially bumped Star Trek Into Darkness into off-the-board. Somewhere Star Trek: Next Generation are hoping this makes Paramount plan another reboot where they recast the Next Generation series. I can only hope, if this sad day should come, someone releases they would have successful hair transplants in the future and Picard should never have been bald.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Iron Man 3 - $406.9 million
#2. Man of Steel - $281 million
#3. Monsters University - $237.8 million
#4. Fast & Furious 6 - $236.5 million
#5. Despicable Me 2 - $229.2 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 07/15/2013

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